Sly is Sliding

OK, so Sylvester Stallone (search) has confounded me by not only doing another cable network instead of "FOX & Friends" but also sliding by "Hannity & Colmes" Tuesday night?! How embarrassing for me after all, who can believe my Sly encounter now? Just to review, he approached me about 18 months ago about an appearance on "FOX & Friends" and started how much and how often he watched in the morning. Wow, silly me thinking he would come on once his series, magazine and book came out. Frank is now my favorite Stallone, with Jackie a close second.

Big show Wednesday as we went inside Operation Matador (search) in Iraq and talked to "A Current Affair's" Tim Green and poker champ Chris Moneymaker. Overall, it's been a unique mix of features, hard news and weird local news. For example, what about the British women who chose prison over paying a fine to get away from her lazy unemployed husband and spoiled do nothing kids. The best news come from Congress as they agreed to up the death and injury benefit for our armed forces injured or killed in combat. Can you believe the death benefit was just $12,000 -- now up to $100,000? The injury payout is quadrupled as well for all those wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Today I head out to Los Angeles to interview Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds and Chris Rock for their new movie "Longest Yard." Thursday, I'll swing by and talk to late night talk host Jimmy Kimmel. Here's the big question: Should I swing by "American Idol" tonight? Is it worth the lack of sleep to do some post-game talk backstage? E-mail the show and let me know if you'd like me to go and get the inside scoop! I'll have one of our round the clock producers give me the tally once we land. Also if you have a penetrating or funny question for any of these celebs send them in and I'll see if I can wave it into the mix.

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