Release the Hounds

Time to play the "My Word" version of Carnac the Magnificent (search). I hold the paper to my head and an answer comes to me. The answer is: "Sometime very soon."

So what's the question?

When is President George W. Bush going to loose the hounds in the U.S. Senate? When is he going to tell Senator Bill Frist (search), "OK, if you want me to campaign for you when you run for president after the nomination — of course — you, Senator Frist, will blow up that stupid filibuster the Democrats have been using to block my judicial nominees. And you will do it now."

Now, I'm not suggesting the president actually calls up somebody like the esteemed Senator Frist and talks like that, but let's be grownups here and look at the facts.

Monday, Bush issued a statement on the status of his frustrated judges, saying it has been four years since they were first nominated and they deserve a vote in the U.S. Senate.

Now, that happens one of two ways: Either the Senate Judiciary Committee folds, gives up the filibuster on their own and passes them along to the full Senate for a vote or Frist and Bush and Cheney blow up the filibuster rule and clear the way for a vote in the full Senate.

The second clue was Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (search) suddenly emerging from behind the curtain Monday, holding a news conference and says it's time for the judges to get a vote.

Now, I'm just sitting out here in the cheap seats, but I can still see the pitching mound and I can still see the batters box. And I can still spot a bean ball when I see one. And I think I see one.

Bush is out driving antique Soviet cars with Vladimir Putin (search). So it's all quiet on the western front — for now.

But, when he comes home, it appears to me he wants his judges. And now that we've passed four years — and counting — he wants them now.

The Democrats seem to be a bit tone deaf on this issue. But I bet Senator Frist's hearing is just fine.

That's My Word.

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