Problem Teacher or Student?

Does a teacher have the right to drop a student's grade for sleeping in class? Apparently not, if you're Larry Neace (search). He's been fired by the Gwinnett County School Board in Georgia for insubordination. A football player fell asleep in his class and Larry gave him a low grade for that day. The student's father complained to the school; Larry argued that class participation is part of a student's grade, and if you're asleep you're not participating. What do you think? Who's wrong here? E-mail me at and I'll use some of your comments on the air Tuesday.

Now to another one of your favorite topics: The media. Have the media turned presidential campaigns into freak shows? Alexandra Pelosi (search) says yes, and she writes about the freakishness in her new book, "Sneaking into the Flying Circus."

As for Monday's show, I've gotten a lot of e-mail from you about the debate in Kansas (search) about changing the way evolution is taught in schools. Your comments are evenly split — here are a few of them:

I am an Anthropology Kent State University. Just because we can explain our natural world scientifically does not mean that we are not here by design...
—Jason, KSU

Creationism is at best an embarrassment to the conservative movement, and at worst it can do us harm. Whether traditional creationism or the new ID (Intelligent Design) flavor, the arguments they make are laughable...
—Jennifer Palonus, Seattle, Washington

In science it is relatively known that something doesn't come from nothing. Even if we did evolve from primates the primates are evidence of intelligent design...
—Sarah Mayfield, Clinton Twp., Michigan

Until the proponents of Intelligent Design/Creationism are willing to have the United States Academy of Science review the issue, it remains in the realm of religion, or dogma.
—Allen Kelly, Hobe Sound, Florida

And as for the "fast food tax" being proposed by the mayor of Detroit, I haven't gotten a single e-mail backing him! Read on...

Linda, Why should the citizens be penalized for the incompetence of the local city government? I say that the city employees that had a hand in getting [Detroit] into the predicament it is in, should bear the brunt and take a rather large pay cut..
—Charles Ogden III, Austin, Texas

I think it is time for government to figure out how to live within their means, like the rest of us, and not raise taxes...
—Mardy, Escondido, California

Sounds like the mayor may have a hard time getting this proposal passed...

See you Tuesday.


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