Who's the Most Popular TV Mom?

First off, thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes and it's truly appreciated. I will be 41 tomorrow, and I plan on celebrating by shopping for Mother's Day after going to my son's baseball game. It's been a great week on "Fox and Friends" and the ratings show you all are watching. We all are honored by the loyalty.

On tap for Friday was an interview with a Bono biographer, a one-on-one with Bob Dole, and Joe Garner going over his new book on movie moms and the lessons they can teach. Today's discussion topics ranged from the "American Idol" (search) kiss, and the al-Libbi arrest and interrogation.

First, let's look at Paula Abdul and her alleged fling with Corey Clark. Well, she should not have helped him, but in the end she did not affect the series outcome at all and that should be what counts. The bigger story is why ABC would spend an hour with such a shady character with such a questionable track record. It all just makes the show a bigger draw. For example, we know "Survivor" is a success, but does anyone talk about that series anymore?

As for al-Libbi (search), the evil No. 3 terrorist on Al Qaeda: He's now talking and reportedly giving up some people. Pakistan says it has scooped up 24 people since his arrest and more will come . Also fascinating to know is he cried when he was caught. Guess how he was dressed when they got him? Guess. Ok, I can't wait forever. He was dressed as a woman!! It's amazing how courageous these guys are when they can't be seen or caught.

In a salute to all moms, a new study shows the most popular TV mom is Marge Simpson. Marion Cunningham (of "Happy Days") finished fifth overall in the history of the series. If you are looking for the perfect gift, and I know you are, perhaps you can scoop up my book, "The Games Do Count," which is easily purchased at www.BrianKilmeade.com.

Happy Mother's Day to all!!


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