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Thursday, May 5:

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U.S. Commanders have confirmed that a raid was conducted on a hospital in Ramadi last week after tips that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (search) might have been at the facility. The military will not say it was another near miss, but did say valuable information was obtained from the site. Meanwhile, insurgents killed at least 20 people in three separate attacks across Iraq. In each instance, Iraqi security forces were the targets. Bret Baier has the latest.

A former U.N. investigator examining the Oil-for-Food scandal (search) has handed over boxes of documents to the House International Relations committee. Robert Parton handed the information over after he got no response from the office of Paul Volcker about what to do about a subpoena from the committee. Jonathan Hunt has details.

And two Republicans on the House ethics committee said they'd step aside from any investigation into House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (search). Rep. Lamar Smith and Rep. Tom Cole said they worry their contributions to DeLay's defense funds would lead some to question their impartiality. Brian Wilson has a report.

Plus, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is conducting more interviews in their attempt to fully investigate allegations surrounding John Bolton. This as Bolton got support from an unexpected source -- Margaret Thatcher (search). Thatcher said she could not "imagine anyone better fitted to undertake" the position of U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. James Rosen explains.

And as Brits head to the polls Thursday, they are expected to elect Tony Blair (search) to his third term as prime minister. But the strong anti-war sentiment in the U.K. is expected to deny Blair the landslide victories he won in 1997 and 2001. Greg Palkot has the details.

Plus, Janice Rogers Brown (search), who currently sits on the California Supreme Court, has been the target of a Democratic filibuster. Democrats claim she's a radical conservative, but Republicans say Brown just applies the Constitution as written. Major Garrett has a profile.

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