Clinton Endorses Tony Blair

Former President Clinton endorsed British Prime Minister Tony Blair's campaign to be elected for a third straight term during a satellite linkup to a Labour Party rally in London Sunday.

Clinton, speaking live from New York, appeared on a large video screen to the rally at London's Old Vic Theater (search) where Blair and his treasury chief Gordon Brown (search) were outlining Labour Party plans to address world poverty.

Clinton, who has been vocal in putting pressure on rich countries to give more money to poor African nations, said it was possible to achieve fair trade laws and end poverty.

"We just need leadership, and Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and new Labour are providing that leadership," Clinton told the London audience.

Clinton, who is a friend of Blair's, also used his address to rally support for the Prime Minister's Labour Party (search) ahead of Britain's May 5 national election.

"If you do value the progress you are making in Britain. If you value the idea you can end world poverty, you have to vote for value," Clinton said, echoing Labour's campaign slogan "If you value it, vote for it."

British voters vote not for individual candidates, but for political parties. Several prime ministers have stepped down in "mid-term" to be replaced by other leaders from their parties.

Blair, whose popularity in his second term in office has been dented by his close relationships with President Bush and the perception that he follows Washington's foreign policy without exerting any real influence, described Clinton as a "fantastic friend and supporter."