Elton John to Marry

Elton John (search) is getting married.

The 58-year-old singer told the British tabloid the Daily Mirror that he and longtime partner David Furnish (search) are hoping to wed in a civil ceremony before Christmas.

Civil partnerships for gays will become legal in England on Dec. 5.

"We definitely want to do it about the middle of December, probably in Windsor. But there will be no honeymoon. I'm on tour," John told the paper.

John's publicist, Gary Farrow, said John added it could take place sometime next year.

"He (John) said that it may be by Christmas and it may be next year," Farrow told the BBC.

Farrow added that one of John's main motivations for going ahead with the ceremony was financial.

At 42, Furnish is 16 years younger than John, but the pop legend doesn't fear he will stray.

"He's the most honest guy I've ever met. If anything happened, I think David would say: 'Listen, I was tempted the other night', and he's human. But that hasn't happened.

"Meeting David has been the greatest thing to happen to me. Yes, we spend a lot of time apart and it's hard, but we make it work. We phone each other five or six times a day and we still send each other a card from wherever we are.

"David's best advice to me all the time is: 'Just stop and smell the roses.' But I don't stop. I'm not one for looking back, I'm one for looking forward," John told the Daily Mirror.

The superstar also had comments on Rod Stewart (search) and his new wife Penny Lancaster:

"Rod and Penny were here last night. I like her. She's a lovely girl and she's been great for him. I've congratulated them on their engagement. But isn't it just typical of Mr. Stewart to get engaged to the next one before he's divorced the last one?"

On the Beckhams:

"I spoke to David the other day. I think he desperately wanted a little girl, but got a little boy. But who knows? They might go for two or three more."

On Michael Jackson:

"I don't know if he's guilty. I hope for his sake he's not ... but it's been tragic to see what's happened to him physically. You look at the 'Bad' cover, you look at the 'Thriller' cover. What a talent, what a beautiful man. I just don't know what's gone wrong.

"I have suffered with low self-esteem in my life and I think that's the root of his problem too."

On George Michael:

"My fear is he just smokes too much dope."

On his own past cocaine use:

"Coke is the worst. It's more rampant now than ever. Cocaine is more a danger to me than drink. So I don't put myself in situations where it might be. I'm nearly 15 years sober this year and my life since then has been incredible."

On Charles and Camilla:

"Let them be happy. We live in the 21st century, for God's sake. They're two people clearly in love, so why shouldn't they get married? I like Charles and I've met Camilla. She's a very funny lady and I think she's been very dignified.

"People tell me I shouldn't really be for it because I was a huge friend of Diana, but her marriage to Charles was a bit like my parents'. Maybe they shouldn't have got married in the first place, because they weren't suited."