What's That Smell?

OK, first — thanks to the thousand who gathered outside of the studio to see our small little show on Friday. And yes, many in the crowd were school kids. While we don't encourage cutting class, if you do we promise to write you and note in an effort to avoid detention should you spend a day of hooky with us!

Today's show — and many this week — reminded me of the pre-Sept. 11 "FOX & Friends" — a show full of light and heavy news, along with a good French-bashing book. Yes, we had all those elements on Friday.

Also factoring — sorry, Bill — into the rundown, a book on how we are becoming a nation of wussies, afraid to let our kids play tag and dodge ball because they might get hit or lose. The book is cleverly titled, "One Nation Under Therapy" (search). Parents, go get it and stop feeling your kids pain!

Steve's raccoon travails came to a grizzly close with the death of the unwanted varmint. It seems the smell and his lifeless carcass were a dead giveaway that he was no longer an issue in Doocy's life. In case you missed it, this steroid-laden animal ripped Steve's roof off and was living in his attic. Then he had the gall to die and without telling anyone.

Hope all of you have a great weekend and take in "FOX & Friends Weekend." Special thanks to Mike Jerrick for donning a skirt and filling in for Juliet Huddy on "F&F First."

If you'd like to order "The Games Do Count" signed/unsigned or custom signed, visit www.briankilmeade.com. Thanks so much to all those who put the book in your family library already. I have been signing many to graduates and can make it happen for you for the month of May!

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