Help Wanted: TV-Watcher for Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel (search) is searching for "America's Laziest Person."

In a help-wanted ad posted on, the late-night talk-show host announced he's looking for someone to watch TV for him.

The ad reads as follows:

"Do you love television? Do you love watching television? Well, how would you like the chance to get paid to watch it ALL DAY LONG? This is not a dream. This is real. You can earn big bucks in the high-growth, fast-paced world of watching TV. Why break your back doing manual labor when you can lay on it?! You'll laugh the hours away while scouring the airwaves for hilarious TV moments -- and keep on laughing -- all the way to the bank! So if you want a new job, like to watch television, and you work well WITHOUT others, let us know! Be a professional TV watcher! It's the job you were born to do."

Kimmel told Reuters that one of the four staffers he pays to watch TV all day and gather humorous clips for his opening monologue each night is leaving the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (search) show, so he's launching a nationwide search for a replacement.

The job pays about $500 or $600 a week, "and that's still more than they deserve, honestly," he said in an interview with Reuters on Friday.

Applicants were directed to seek details on the network Web site,

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs weeknights at 12:05 a.m. EDT.