Victory for Songbirds

For the first time in a long time, no single issue dominated the show or the headlines. Although we will be on at 5 a.m. ET on Monday for the beginning of the conclave (search) at the Vatican, expect a very balanced broadcast again this week.

We really had some fun Thursday and Friday with the cat issue in Wisconsin. It seems wild cats are killing songbirds and wreaking havoc in Brett Farve's state and a major group wants to legalize the shooting on site of any unattached homeless cat. We had a fair and balanced debate today, pro- and anti-cat killing. The big winner: the songbird. It looks like they are going to ground and getting eaten often. Now with all this attention they'll be less wild cats roaming the streets. Sparrows: It's time to celebrate.

It was fun having the humble Mia Hamm (search) on talking about marriage, her foundation and training as a retired star. Also interesting to meet Catherine Oxenberg of "Dynasty" fame as she introduced us to her life in her new reality show on Lifetime TV. I really think it will be a success, because so many want to see how the rich and famous live in Malibu with five kids in a blended family.

In terms of news, we had a passionate debate about Gary Sheffield's reaction to the fan who seemed to whack him at Fenway Park (search) while he tried to find and throw a Jason Varitek hit ball back to the infield. Sure, he went back in at the guy, but he didn't jump him and fight it out. I think he reacted the way anyone would having been hit in the face and his restraint admirable — especially in that hostile atmosphere in Boston with the Yankees in a tight game.

When Congressman Ford came on he managed to talk about the book America just can't stop buying: "They Just Don't Get It" by Retired U.S. Army Col. David Hunt. It's all about security in this country and all the holes that remain in our armor. It's already No. 8 on Amazon!

As for my book, I have a system for signing and personalizing "The Games Do Count." Just go to and I'll make it happen after you fill out the form and I execute the rest.

See ya Monday and thanks for making us No. 1!


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