Raw Data: Blasts in Rudolph Case

The bombings in the Eric Rudolph case:

-- July 27, 1996 -- Exploding knapsack blasts nails and screws through a crowd in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park (search) during a concert at the summer Olympics. Alice Hawthorne, 44, is killed and 111 people are wounded.

-- Jan. 16, 1997 -- Two bombs explode at an office building in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, wounding six. An abortion clinic in the building is believed to be the target. Authorities call the first, small blast a "sucker bomb," saying they believe it was intended to draw law enforcement into the building before the second, larger explosion.

-- Feb. 21, 1997 -- Nail-laden device explodes at the Otherside Lounge, a nightclub in Atlanta (search) with a mostly gay and lesbian clientele. The lounge was crowded with about 150 people when the device went off on a rear patio. Five people are wounded.

-- Jan. 29, 1998 -- Explosion kills off-duty policeman Robert "Sande" Sanderson and maims nurse Emily Lyons at New Woman All Women Health Care, a clinic that performed abortions in Birmingham, Ala. The bomb was disguised to look like a potted plant and placed beside a walkway to the clinic. Police believe it was detonated by remote control.