Bushes Attend Church

President Bush attended church at St. John's Episcopal Church (search) near the White House on Sunday, where worshippers remembered Pope John Paul II.

The pontiff's death was mentioned only briefly during the 40-minute service. The reader remembered those who have died, including "his holiness Pope John Paul the second (search)," during the prayers of the people.

Bush did not change his normal Sunday morning routine on the day after the pope's death. As he usually does on weekends in Washington, Bush headed out for a bike ride after worshipping with his wife at St. John's, built a block away from the White House in 1815 to serve presidents and their families.

The president and first lady attended a memorial mass for the pope Saturday at St. Matthew's Cathedral (search) in Washington.

Bush was expected to travel to Rome for the pope's funeral, but the White House had yet to announce definite plans Sunday morning. Bush did not speak to reporters as he left St. John's.