Topics and Guests: March 31

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The tragic tug of war over Terri Schiavo (search) is not over. Schiavo died at 9:05 this morning after a rollercoaster of events at her hospice. We’ll tell you how the heartbreaking tragedy unfolded.

And Terri’s body is now at the Pinellas County medical examiner's office — what are her parents hoping to learn from the autopsy? We’ll talk with the Schindler family attorney David Gibbs (search).

Plus, how is Michael Schiavo (search) holding up on such an emotion day? We’ll talk to a friend of Schiavo, Russ Hyden.

And Michael Schiavo’s brother Scott says his family has been receiving threatening phone calls in the hours since Terri’s death — we’ll play some of the shocking calls left on his answering machine...

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