Case Remains Unresolved

I'm a little surprised that here we in the fifth day of Terri Schiavo starving to death, and this case is still unresolved in the courts. But that's where we are, so "DaySide" will stay on top of this story.

Based on your e-mails, many of you are puzzled (as am I) by the lack of resolution:

We have governors that can order a stay of execution to spare the life of the worst criminals. Why can't Congress and the President do the same thing?
— Karen, Dayton, Ohio

Many of you are asking questions about early details of Terri's case: Did her husband try to hoke her? Has Michael been financially supporting Terri? Why haven't her parents sued for custodial rights? As for that last one, it's my information that they have indeed sued, but the court has denied them.

Here's another one, though, that I'll readily admit I don't have the answer to:

...If it was Terri's wish not to live with a feeder tube, then why was it put in (in the first place)?...
—Dee Snow, Ubly, Michigan

Dee, I'll ask Terri's family about that one. As for Wednesday's other topics, that's still a work in progress. But I can tell you that actress Linda Dano will be here, talking about her battle with depression. Both sides of my family have struggled with this, and I applaud Linda for shedding light on the problem — hopefully helping the rest of us seek help without feeling stigmatized.

Now, some feedback on the interview I had Tuesday about the millionaire who refuses to show his ID on airplanes, and is suing former attorney general John Ashcroft:

Gilmore appears to be a liberal looking for his 15 minutes of fame (or infamy). Let him walk if he doesn't want to provide some type of identification that would allow him to fly. As for his attorney, he should be disbarred for even taking such a ridiculous case.
—John Garnett, League City, Texas

I have another question: Is this the kind of lawsuit we want our overloaded courts spending their time on?

Just curious...


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