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In light of the Terri Schiavo (search) matter, I thought today I would let you be the bloggers.

I have randomly "grabbed" some e-mails that were sent me. Needless to say, I received hundreds more:

E-mail No. 1

How many of us would be willing to do jail time for not feeding and providing water to a pet dog that cannot provide for themselves? Terri is far from being an animal. Not providing food and water to her is nothing more than murder approved by an egotistical judge.
Dianna S. Cutrer
Lake Mary, FL

E-mail No. 2

How horrible! I was suspicious of the father so I'm sure that others were too. I can't imagine what those folks went through from people who voiced this opinion or worse. I pray for this family.
Dee Ingram

E-mail No. 3

I think they need to let Terri, REST IN PEACE.
The parents are dreaming, of what might be, of Terri. I've worked in nursing homes, and seen all types of these people, who can never be rehabilitated.
Congress needs to stop wasting TAXPAYER money, on sticking their noses in where it does not belong, and work on the killing these sexual predators. This is becoming a top news story, seems every time you turn on the TV, someone else's child has been taken.
They need to castrate these people, and hang them in the town square, to show the other predators, that enough is enough.

E-mail No. 4

What is up with the Peterson jurors? They clearly were influenced by the media and by public opinion and even more evident is the fact that they have gotten way too close to this case. The outspoken juror with the different colored hair called Scott Peterson an "a--hole" on live TV! She had a nickname for the fetus, calling him "Little Man."
Peterson has been criticized for not showing enough emotion during the case; but in another case, the Pittman case, that young man was criticized for crying "crocodile tears!" I really believe the media has crossed the line into what used to be referred to as "yellow journalism." Gloria Allred is a snake and yet she is allowed to come onto your program and is treated as a saint.
Fair and balanced, Greta? Not for one second. Objective? Not even close. Why don't you advertise that your program is Sensational and Biased?
Jacki Gansch

E-mail No. 5

While the world is suffering with Terri Schiavo and her loved ones, her husband is enjoying his common law wife and family -- while claiming to be Terri's husband, too. Can a man have two wives in the U.S.?
A couple is considered common-law after living together for more than three years or after having children together -- Mr. Schiavo's present relationship fits the bill on both accounts. Has anyone questioned the legality of Schiavo having a legal marriage and also a common law marriage? To me, it is outright bigamy, whereby he has entered into another marriage while still legally married to Terri Schiavo. And a common law marriage is upheld in the U.S. court system with both parties receiving rights.
Give Terri back to her family, Mr. Schiavo. This is very sick.
Dr. Bruce

E-mail No. 6

After watching the interview with Teri Schiavo's brother on FOX, I truly believe that her husband has something to hide. Would it be possible for the family to receive some special legal consideration for Terri -- like returning the feeding tube to her -- while having the husband investigated? He seems so determined to see to it that she dies. Not a donation of any amount or the love and willingness of her family to take total responsibility for Terri can persuade this man to let her live her life -- no matter what state in which it might be. He has clearly moved on from his marriage to her but he seems so determined that she must die in order for him to take his freedom. This is cruel, inhumane, and sick. If she was to die and he was hiding something -- perhaps what caused her to end up in the hospital in the first place -- no one would ever find out about his contribution to her current situation. It just doesn't make any sense.
I hope something can be done!
Serious in Suburbia

E-mail No. 7

Would YOU want to be in the state of the Schaivo woman? Come on! I have some medical problems that keep me from doing things I once did, but at least I have my mind. My husband and I have discussed this issue and I do not want to be kept alive if only aided by others. I guess we had better put it all in writing! The parents are grasping at straws! If the poor girl could see herself now, she would be appalled! The only reason the girl is alive now (I believe) is the mother had an empty nest and no longer has one. She has someone to care for. I am sorry this family is so selfish and angry that they let their own agendas get in the way of God's process! Now that the tube has been removed if she lives, it is God's will.
I am so angry that this has been going on for 15 years and now at the last minute, Congress gets involved! Do a survey of how many feeding tubes have been removed in the past 15 years. As much as I love my husband, I would not allow him to be in this state and I am sure Terry's husband feels as I do.
When and if I can no longer care for myself, I want to die with dignity. Since I am past middle age my husband and I have vowed to go to jail if need be to carry out our wishes.
God bless America!

E-mail No. 8

I don't think it was a chemical imbalance that caused her condition. I think the reason her husband refuses to let an MRI be done, is not because it might show she's not as bad as he wants her to be, but it might reveal a past skull injury from blunt force that he is responsible for. Or with Therapy the truth might come out. She had nothing in writing. This is an outrage, congress should definitely be involved, and someone should court order an MRI to rule out past injuries. Even if these were her wishes, because she didn't go through proper legal avenues IE living will, here we are. Someone PLEASE ask questions about the husband.
Thank you,
Cathy Painter
Tacoma, WA

E-mail No. 9

I can't believe the Florida courts decision to starve to death a human being. We have so many laws to protect animals, from testing to care, but we have no problem slowly and cruelly starving to death a human being, no matter what her state -- which I may add, I think may be better then they say. What's next, starving a retarded child who says they don't want to live that way or a severely burned person, etc. I just can't believe that people are OK with this, especially Governor Bush. We should offer this woman all the help available and try everything, not just give up on her. Has this world truly turned crazy or is it me? It seems every one has rights except this young woman, who is truly a victim and obviously just a burden to her husband. If it was my spouse, I'd be doing everything humanly possible, he has done nothing. My prayers go out for Teri and her family... and the state of this world.
God Bless.

E-mail No. 10

Hi Greta,
Love the show as always... In regard to Terri Shcaivo, it would seem now a days in order to have my wishes met, I just have to state it to someone -- whether in a drunken stupor, or a passionate moment, or in a passing remark -- so let me just state, I hope that if I should ever end up in Terri's situation that everyone will allow my parents and siblings to decide my fate. My family members are all very level headed and would do the right thing. There. Is that clear enough? It sure seems to me that Terri's husband should have had to have some sort of witness to her statements about a living will and I am amazed that he is getting away with this in our country. When did it become okay for us as mere humans to decide when one another should die? If he is not having to pay the bills, is able to legally divorce her and move on with his life, then why are our courts allowing him to kill her... it would be different if she were on actual life supports but that is not the case... I smell a rat here Greta, and it seems to me that our self righteous legal system needs to sniff it out before its too late.
Julie Arlington

E-mail No. 11

Thank you for your fair reporting. Of course the federal government should not have been involved with this case, but they are because there are some caring people in our govt. Had Michael Schiavo divorced Terri 12 years ago when he got on with his life... there would be no need for government intervention... her family loves her and had she had the therapy she needs she would probably be home with them now.
I know a young lady who was in a coma for 2 years and, after much therapy, is home now with her devoted husband who made sure she got the best care.
To let Terri die would amount to murder, by a man and his attorney who have abandoned her... after he received a large sum of money and spent it to let her die... we have to ask... why?
Chiefland, FL

E-mail No. 12

If this judge says no -- does this mean every person in a nursing home or elsewhere in the U.S. that is not on a ventilator, but cannot feed themselves will just be left to starve to death? Many are not brain dead but senile and cannot talk but their brain will not work their hands so they have to be fed. Will this mean all of them will just be left to starve to death? I know a woman who has had to be fed for seven years, but they are still feeding her. What happens to all of these people? If it happens to Terri then it should be done to anyone who cannot feed themselves. I am very distressed that she does not have an attorney of her own to fight for her.
P. Meseraull
Miltonvale, KS

E-mail No. 13

If a person were to lock another person in a room, whether it be friend or foe, and deprive that person of food and water until they died, that person would be arrested and charged with murder. How is this any different?
Elaine Somerville
Cadillac, MI

E-mail No. 14

Our local radio station -- 1040 am Mark Larsen "The Morning Magazine" -- played an audiotape this morning of Terri Schiavo. This is what the parents recorded and put out to the public. The parents say this is how Terri communicates. I suggest you get a copy and listen for yourself. Surely this moan and groan is not intelligible communication.
Kathy Hays
Seminole, FL

E-mail No. 15

All disobedient wives should be starved to death like Terri Schiavo -- it will teach all other wives a valuable lesson!
Sloshy La Rue
Baton Rouge, LA

E-mail No. 16

Dear Greta,
Did anyone ever think this might be an attempted murder gone wrong, and why is there any discussion of whether this woman should live or die... I think the husband is trying to keep her in a vegetative state so that she doesn't disclose what really happened to her when she first went ill. I think he tried to kill her. It's obvious to me that this man has some other agenda going on, and why doesn't the rest of the world see it?
Sue Wolford

E-mail No. 17

I was just told recently by a friend who lives in Largo that Terri's husband is a Florida R.N. If that is so, it would be a point of interest... mmm, I would want to be cared for by "Nurse Death" ... not, sadder still considering his occupation... may the Lord have mercy on him.
P.A. Moyer, R.N.
Rockledge, FL

E-mail No. 18

The Florida and U.S. legislatures are trying to interfere with fundamental spousal rights. There are absolute spousal privileges in court, which are considered inviolate, similar to lawyer-client, and doctor-patient privileges. The spouse should have the absolute right to determine medical fate based on their knowledge of their mate and their good judgment. If not, marriage has lost yet another reason to exist.
Doug Johnson
Anderson, SC

E-mail No. 19

Dear Greta,
Will you ALL please get off the Christian Freak Story and let the GIRL DIE. I work in a nursing home and I think their are several folks here ready to die too! Two men in comas who were brain damaged as teens 5 years ago. They can't feed themselves and moan and groan all the time. Because their parents won't let them die we have to feed them and clean them and they cannot even urinate on their own. They could have been over and done with except they are in a Catholic Nursing Home.
Living without a brain and they are a handful, especially with the Alzheimer folks falling out of bed and getting lost all the time. They cannot feed themselves… so we have to force feed them… one of the boy's actually has a feeding tube… if we cannot force feed him or if he chokes… we have to hook him up... for what? He will never be any better and he just stays the same. When I see the Christians who supposedly love everyone... I laugh at them. Let these people go to their heaven where life... so they say… is perfect. Perhaps there they will walk, talk and eat again. They ain't gonna do that here on Earth.
Those Christian Freaks in Florida want to save her life and then they will abandon her and leave her on the state dole... we all know how they THINK! They do not hesitate to kill prisoners, torture prisoners, but they save lives of the hopeless and helpless… who serve no purpose, can never change for the better. They want to even kill kids who commit crimes... where is the sense in this? At least the kids who killed or did something bad do have brains and they can be treated...very sad state of affairs in this country!
Impeach Bush and all his followers... fools and idiots all!
Boston, MA

E-mail No. 20

After this morning watching the news, I'm very disappointed in our government -- maybe if I get a speeding ticket they will change the laws for me to. My wife is a nurse and she works in the hospital where she has heard both sides of life or death, and has seen people come and go. But if a patient does not want to live that way as Terri, well then they honor that decision. Also my other question is No. 1: with all the time 15 years why can't the husband get a divorce? No. 2: Are the parents of Terri going to take her home or are they going to leave her in the hospital? They have been fighting for years so why don’t they take care of her? Also I used to have faith in the system but now I don’t trust anybody or thing, when does it stop when the government steps in and changes the orders of a court for one person and not others. I'm sorry for both parties but the law is the law, and unless you change all the laws well then we will have problems forever. I know I will never vote for those who voted for this bill, thank you.
William Hall

E-mail No. 21

Greta, I've been wondering about the legality of Terri Schiavo's husband being designated her legal guardian all these years since he is co-habiting with his girlfriend for the past 10 years and has fathered two children with her. I realize that in today's world the idea of "adultery" is rather archaic, however if the law is still on the books in Florida, it would seem he could be charged with that crime, or the crime of having a "common-law" wife while he is still legally married to Terri... which would amount to bigamy it would seem.
I fail to see in any of the above scenarios, how it is that he can maintain legal guardianship of his wife while at the same time being guilty of some type of law in the arenas of adultery, bigamy or co-habitation. On television he "professes" his love for Terri. Yet, considering his lifestyle the past 10 years it is hard to believe in his sincerity in that regard. He states that he wants to "honor" Terri's wishes and keep his "promise" to not keep her alive artificially. He has already broken the promises he made in his wedding vows and feels justified in that by having two children with another woman while still married to Terri. Isn't it convenient that he can pick and choose which of his promises to Terri he intends to keep and which ones he can break if it suits his personal purposes? And at the expense of Terri's grieving parents, no less. I have never heard any discussion about these matters and would hope you or those on your panel could discuss these issues; to either bring them to the fore or explain why none of them are applicable in this case.
Ron Erdody
Atlanta, GA

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