Former "Baywatch" babe Carmen Electra (search) has a new role on the WB show "Summerland." FOX News' Lisa Bernhard spoke to her Monday morning about that and the possibility of little Carmens. Below is an edited transcript:

Bernhard: You have this incredibly sexy image. What are you doing on this nice, wholesome family show on the WB?

Electra: Of course I'm playing the bad girl ... it's cool because it's kind of like therapy when you get to play a role like that. You can sort of take out all your aggression on being on the show and getting into the character.

Bernhard: So you're playing the bad girl. Explain what you mean. Do you come in and steal anybody's boy away?

Electra: Actually, I go through a rough divorce on the show and I'm part owner of a restaurant, so I go in to try to talk them in to giving me the whole restaurant, and I guess because of, you know, being in this terrible relationship, I have a lot of anger and frustration so I kind of show that throughout the season.

Bernhard: ... I think you're fairly convincing at getting what you want. Talking about the sexy image, you still do have the DVD ... the striptease exercise DVD. What's going on with that?

Electra: It's doing really great. I just got back from Australia and sort of performed a demonstration on aerobics striptease and what you can get out of doing it.

Bernhard: We're not having you do that now.

Electra: I'm keeping my clothes on. But it's actually a great fitness workout and it doesn't require nudity or anything like that. It's just a really fun, new way to get into shape and, you know, later on what you want to do with it is your choice but as far as the workout it truly is a workout.

Bernhard: OK. Do you ever think about taking on roles where you really kind of get ugly or dress down? You do have such an image of this beautiful, sexy woman. Do you think, you know, wow, if I could play "Monster," something like Charlize Theron, do you think about that at all?

Electra: Yeah, definitely, yeah. Because I feel like so much of my image is about the glamour and the makeup, you know what I mean? And that's fine. I love all of that stuff but it would be kind of fun.

Bernhard: Is it hard to sort of overcome how people see you?

Electra: I haven't really gone out for any roles like that but I'm definitely open to it and I don't get offered roles like that so it would definitely be a challenge, and something I would have to work at.

Bernhard: Producers out there, Carmen is ready take the makeup off.

Electra: Definitely, yeah.

Bernhard: You're married to [rock star] Dave Navarro, he wears makeup, too.

Electra: He likes a little eyeliner when he's performing. So sometimes mine is missing and I know who has it. It's my husband.

Bernhard: When are we going to see little Carmens and Daves running around?

Electra: Hopefully soon. I really want to be a mom. Obviously at the end of the day you have these dreams and these goals, and for me, growing up in Cincinnati I always wanted to be a dancer and a performer and so you kind of start doing that. You live out these dreams and then, you know, for me it's just I've realized what's really important and that's family and I think being a parent can really change your life. And so I look forward to doing that.