'Miss Congeniality 2' Premieres in London

The world premiere of Sandra Bullock (search)'s new film, "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous" (search), was held in Leicester Square, with former co-star Hugh Grant among her guests.

"The last time I was here I fell into the premiere, and I figured I had to redeem myself," Bullock said Wednesday night. "I thought if I walked in normally this time it would make up for it."

She made a memorable entrance at the British premiere of the first "Miss Congeniality" film five years ago when she famously tripped on the red carpet outside the theater.

In the first movie, Bullock played an accident-prone FBI agent who went undercover at a beauty pageant. For the sequel, she goes undercover again, this time in Las Vegas.

Grant, Bullock's co-star in 2002's "Two Weeks Notice," arrived at the Vue theater in central London without his girlfriend, Jemima Khan.

"He's a great friend and a great support. He's fantastic," said Bullock, dressed in jeans and a black Chanel coat embroidered with pearls. "And he takes a blinkingly good picture. He's disgustingly photogenic."

"Miss Congeniality 2" also stars Regina King, Ernie Hudson and William Shatner.