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As I write this, 100 percent of your e-mails are saying Michael Jackson (search) was putting on an act at court Thursday. And nearly every single one of you who wrote in noticed how Michael was somehow able to swivel around and wave to his fans, despite hospital-severe back pain. Funny how we all noticed the same thing...

As for Friday, have you heard about this influential group of evangelical Christian leaders who are banding together to take on global warming (search)? They're holding meetings on Capitol Hill this week that both lawmakers and Bush administration (search) officials will attend. I, for one, am not completely certain that recent studies done on global warming are unbiased. But, I do believe we should be good stewards of our planet. Where do you stand? Let me know at

Now, some feedback on the other stories we covered Thursday regarding Rep. Mark Foley's bill to ban child erotica websites:

...I am appalled to think that any parent would allow their child to be 'used' in this way... Finally I say this has nothing to do with "Freedom of Speech"...
—Janet, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

And as for the baseball players being subpoenaed to testify about steroids before Congress:

Why does everybody think that the Congress of the United States should be interfering in baseball's problems?
—Harold Seif, Las Vegas, Nevada

What is wrong with using steroids as their free choice? The best songs and movies were written under the influence of drugs and alcohol — the best writers were alcoholics (Ernest Hemingway, etc.)...
—Laurie Kelling, Toledo, Ohio

Personally, I agree with John:

...If a player hits a home run with a "corked bat", it doesn't count...But if a player hits over 70 home runs while on steroids, that's ok?? The record should be null and void. It's a shame to penalize people like Hank Aaron, Mays, Mantle, Maris, etc., who played the game fair.
—John Abel

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