Boy Lives on Bread and Jam Alone

Maybe they can call it the Flatman Diet.

Fifteen-year-old Craig Flatman (search), of Suffolk, England, has eaten nearly nothing but jam sandwiches since he was a toddler — and seems none the worse for wear.

The athletic high schooler, called "Jam Boy" by friends and neighbors, stands 6 foot 2 and weighs 155 pounds, reports the BBC.

His parents told the Times of London he's never had an illness other than chicken pox, and that he's got no tooth fillings.

Breakfast is chocolate cereal, and Craig occasionally eats chocolate cake, washed down with milk. Otherwise, it's jam sandwiches all day, every day.

"I begin to feel sick if I put anything else into my mouth," he told the Times. "I'd love to eat things like burgers and chips."

Craig told the BBC that the very thought of eating fruits and vegetables made him sweat.

A doctor tested him out and found him "absolutely normal," but added that the boy's low iron levels put him at risk for anemia (search).

When Craig was seven, a London clinic managed to get him to eat small amounts of other foods, but even those made him sick.

Anti-Social Man Almost Loses Nose

A Texas man nearly lost his snout after telling his wife he didn't want to go out.

Police said Maria Serrano, of San Antonio, got in a fight with her husband, Zeferino Barrera, after he told her he'd rather not hit the town last weekend.

"The woman in this situation assaulted the man, nearly cutting off his nose and sending him to the hospital," police spokeswoman Sandy Gutierrez told WOAI-TV.

Barrera said Serrano hit him in the head with a frying pan, but police couldn't find any kind of cutting weapon.

"She claims she never had anything in her hands, that it was simply her fist she used to hit him on the nose," Gutierrez said.

A plastic surgeon doubted that story.

"That would be a huge force to knock it off like that," said plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Jeneby, who said Barrera's nose could be saved with multiple operations.

Serrano was charged with aggravated assault.

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Father Accused of Forcing Daughter Back Home

CHALMETTE, La. (AP) — A father displeased about his adult daughter's living arrangements was arrested after he allegedly forced the young woman to return home with him.

William H. Bryant III, 46, was booked with felony false imprisonment after he allegedly went to his daughter's home near Baton Rouge, told her he wanted to take her out to eat, then drove her to his house in Arabi (search) and kept her there against her will, authorities said.

Misty Bryant, 22, called the sheriff's office to report that her father had tricked her into going with him and had threatened that if she left his house he would kill her live-in boyfriend and burn her home, according to a sheriff's report.

Deputies were told the father was unhappy that his daughter had had a child and was living with her boyfriend, Sheriff's Col. Richard Baumy said.

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Cell Phones Key to Mass Test Cheat

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Forty-six young men preparing to take a military school entrance exam were caught trying to cheat using mobile phones taped to their bodies and hidden in their shoes and underwear, an army official said Feb. 28.

The men, aged 18-24, were among nearly 30,000 who showed up Sunday morning, Feb. 27, at Ramkhamhaeng University (search) in Bangkok to take the test to vie for 2,000 spots in the one-year military program.

Officials searched the students and discovered the phones after some shied away from guards with handheld metal detectors as they entered the testing rooms.

"When they took off their shoes, we found the cell phones," said Army spokesman Col. Acra Tiprot. "We questioned them, and they admitted many of their friends were also inside, so we closed the rooms and checked their clothes and shoes."

Army officials suspect the test-takers' parents had foreknowledge of the plan and paid for the phones.

"The parents wanted their children to pass the test, so they believed the people behind this," he said.

The person tipping off the cheaters is "likely a kid who has a high IQ or is a good student, went in to take the test, remembered the test information and sent the answers by code," Acra said.

The suspected cheaters met the previous day to learn how to read the codes they would receive by mobile phone, he said.

Thai Government Takes On Breast Enhancers

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Concern over "miracle" creams and a recent bare-breast promotion of one product has prompted the Health Ministry to campaign for breast-enhancement through exercise, the national news agency said Feb. 27.

The products were spotlighted last month after police charged three models and the makers of a "15-minute breast-enhancement cream" with indecent exposure after a bare-all demonstration.

Critics said it offended traditional Thai sensibilities and the Ministry of Public Health ordered the cream off the shelves pending a scientific investigation.

"I'd like to warn women that before purchasing such products they should check that they have been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration. If they haven't passed inspection, they could be dangerous," Health Minister Sudarat Keyuraphan (search) said.

She said that the "best way to enhance one's breasts is to engage in suitable forms of exercise," adding that her ministry would campaign for women to engage in such exercise to counter the popularity of the breast-enhancement products.

In a promotional event on Thursday, the models exposed their bosoms, with only their nipples covered, for a massage with the cream, which is supposed to shape and firm female breasts.

Television news devoted extensive coverage to the event, while many newspapers plastered pictures of a bare-breasted model on their front pages.

Buddhist Monk Mistakes Superglue for Eye Drops

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Doctors have partially restored the sight of an 81-year-old Buddhist monk who accidentally glued his eyes shut when he mistook a tube of superglue for eye drops.

The doctors at Angthong Hospital (search), 60 miles north of Bangkok, used a chemical solvent, acetone, to dissolve the glue in the monk's right eye, a hospital spokesman said. The two-hour operation was done Feb. 23.

"His eye is not damaged, the right eye can see clearly after the operation and the doctors said the left eye also is not damaged," a hospital spokesman said.

The monk, Phra Khru Prapatworakhun, who is the abbot of a temple in Angthong, was to have his left eye operated on later.

Compiled by FOX News' Paul Wagenseil.

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