Central Park's Gates

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When I was in New York City on Monday, I could not resist walking over to Central Park (search) and taking some pics for you of the park "Gates." Click on the link in the photo box above for my photo essay.

The Gates have been the talk of NYC for days and since so few of you get a chance to go to NYC (and frankly, mid-winter is NOT the best time to go), I decided to take you to the Gates. The Gates have been described as "quirky art." Take a look at the pics and you decide how you would describe them.

Here is some background: The artists are Christo (search) and Jeanne-Claude (husband and wife team) and the art was up for only about 16 days. The art are saffron colored cloth panels and covered about 22 miles inside the park. Each one is about 17 feet high and there are about 7,500 of them. The cost of this short-term art is over $20 million and was paid for by the artists themselves.

I have heard the Gates described two very different ways: as a waste of money and as gorgeous art that drew many tourists (and money) to New York City. The Gates seem to have lovers and haters. It does not seem anyone is indifferent to the art. Again, take a look and you decide.

I assume that by the time you read this blog, I will be enroute to Chicago or maybe even have already arrived. We are taking the show on the road for you to report further on the gruesome crime that we reported Wednesday night: the murder of a judge's husband and mother. We figured you would like to learn more information and there is no better way than to take you to the scene. Every murder I report on I think to myself, "this is the worst!" Of course they are ALL horrible.

We will show you video from our crime scene walk around tonight from Chicago as well as have the parents of Terri Schiavo (search) on the show. As you know, her parents are trying to prevent their son-in-law Michael from removing Terri's feeding tube. Right now, March 18 is the date that the tube is expected to be removed, unless the parents win in court.

Plus, 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford is still missing. Her father and cousin were on "On the Record" last night. Please watch the video we've streamed on today's blog — you might be able to help save her life and bring her home.

Here are some of your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Dear Greta,
Shep Smith just announced, at the end of his show today, that if we didn't watch Greta, you would send one of those lawyers you hang out with to come and get us! If Shep is right, and if I get a choice, would you please send Mike Hammer?
Love your show, always...
Virginia McHenry

ANSWER: This is why we all love Shep.

E-mail No. 2

Terri Schiavo would have been my No. 1 interest. Why? It is the most bizarre story I have ever encountered. No one can stop this one man from allowing Terri to be starved to death. The judge is so bias and hell bent on her death that it is down right terrifying. The judge has way too much power!
I can see the lawyer fighting like everything for his client, crooked as he is and down right evil. I can see Michael wanting her dead and cremated instantly, he is covering up something. He may have tried to kill her or maybe he will end up a little richer, he is very evil. What ever, but what is wrong with this judge? He is cold, brutal and cruel. It looks like there is no one who can stop him.
Why don't you check up on him? Is there something in this for him? Maybe more Terris to sentence to death. That might be how he gets his thrills. I mean it this guy is weird.
Cheryl Thomas
Elliston, MT

ANSWER: Cheryl, Thursday night Terri's parents will be on our show.

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
Hope you are doing well.
Any chance you can get an interview with Anne Byrd? Many of us would love to watch that!
Cary Glassner

ANSWER: Anne Byrd will be on our show Monday night.

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
A thought about Jessica's disappearance. It may not be easy to go into a home and steal a child with adults asleep in the house, but we do know Westerfield did so with Danielle Van Damn and the same happened to Polly Klass. It probably happens to many children that do not make news headlines.
I do not think the reaction of the adults means they are hiding anything. People react many different ways to the same stressful situation.
Thanks for the program.

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
I understand you are having Terri Schiavo's parents on the show on Friday. What if you took your cameras and crew (at some other time)to Florida and interviewed Terri in her hospital room. You can show that she responds to stimulus, people, smiles, turns her head, looks at you with her eyes. Of course her parents and family would be there also. It might make a difference convincing people that she does exist outside of a vegetative state. I know it's a touchy subject but just thought that I should run it by you anyway. Thank you for listening.

ANSWER: I have mixed feelings about taking a camera to Terri. I want her to have her dignity and do not want to make her part of a media circus more than she is already ... but then I also tell myself that the camera is a good way — not perfect way — to communicate her condition. In other words, I can't decide what is the right thing to do on this.

E-mail No. 7

Greta, is that true what Shep said? That you are coming after me with your band of lawyer friends, if I don't watch your show, and that it's going to be terrible, what you're going to do?
Ha, Greta?

ANSWER: See E-mail No. 1 answer above. I wrote back to this viewer after receiving e-mail No. 7 and asked if it was true that Shep did that. Now see e-mail No. 8:

E-mail No. 8

Yes, he did. And he said it in a very diabolical way. So I took him seriously and here I am. I'm watching, because I want no trouble with you and your lawyer friends. He sounded like he had an inside scoop. For real.

E-mail No. 9

As a Vietnam veteran and a retired police officer, the Supreme Court Decision that 17 year olds cannot be executed really disturbs me. They are saying that a fine young man of 17 can enlist in the military and die for his country, but a scumbag of 17 that murders your mother cannot give his life? And they have the nerve to call themselves justices?
Jim Butler
Orange, TX

E-mail No. 10

I sure hope the judge is being considered "a person of interest". In any other case, such as Peterson, the spouse is always the first person that's looked at. Let's hope they don't give her a pass because she's part of the legal system. She might have a lover and wanted her husband taken care of.
Slapout, AL

E-mail No. 11

Dear Greta,
You are an idiot. You are the worst kind of idiot because you have no clue that you are an idiot. How much did FOX News pay for your integrity and self-respect? You call yourself a lawyer? You have no clue. I have had enough of you idiots using airtime to opine about matters that you have not had the decency to research. You are about ratings, not truth. You have failed the test of "journalism" and "news." I wish you a painful and lingering death, you Scientologist whore.
Elkton, MD

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