The Tin Can Sailors

Sunday, February 27 at 8 p.m. ET!

Hosted by Oliver North

In this thrilling episode you’ll go to war aboard the destroyers of World War II. Their crews nicknamed these ships “tin cans” because they lacked armor. The hundreds of destroyers and the 300,000 brave souls that sailed aboard proved invaluable in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres. The destroyers’ “jack-of-all-trades,” personality often put them in harm’s way against vastly superior foes. Besides delivering mail, they provided fire support, screened for larger ships and hunted enemy subs.

But despite their valiant service they are less well known than the famous capital ships they often protected. The battleship Missouri and carrier Lexington might be more celebrated, but consider this: those fighting ships didn't go anywhere without an escort of destroyers.

"War Stories" host Oliver North talks to several sailors who survived a punishing typhoon in December of 1944. Evan Fenn tells how he barely escaped the USS Monaghan as it was overwhelmed and capsized by seas towering near 80 feet. You’ll meet another sailor whose ‘tin can’ went head to head with a massive Japanese battleship. And you’ll learn, from a survivor, what it’s like to have suicidal kamikazes smash into your ship, just feet from your battle station.

Throughout the war, in seas spanning the globe, the “tin can” sailors of World War II made victory possible. The odds they faced and the sacrifices they made will leave you inspired and humbled.

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Staff for this episode:

Executive Producer: Pamela K. Browne

Written and Produced by Martin Hinton

Editor: Steven Prohaska

Associate Producer: Michael C. Weiss