How good was Tiki Barber (search) Tuesday filling in for Steve Doocy? If you missed it you missed the New York Giant superstar talking world events on "FOX & Friends" and he got rave reviews. He had great grades and great stats at the University of Virginia, so we should not have been surprised with his performance, but what I was most impressed with is how hard he studied and how much confidence he had!

Meanwhile, Kiran and I had some fun on "FOX & Friends First" where we opened with policy adviser Dan Bartlett and closed with Georgia Witkin. We had a funny moment with Don King and stud fighters, Felix Trinidad (search) and Winky Wright. Felix does not speak English and we had an unmiked translator on the side. Well, when Felix talked the interpreter said, "I do not understand much English, but I will try" and we did not realize he was speaking for the fighter and just thought he was saying, "I don't understand much English," so we talked around him the whole time. Later we found out that it was Felix who did not understand English and he was just repeating what he said — get it? I didn't and it's now a classic "Friends" moment.

Wednesday, the Judge is in for Steve and amongst our guests are Jose Canseco (search) and your phone calls. It's steroid talk, the cheating culture in baseball and the names Canseco mentions are the biggest in the game. Thanks again for all those who came out on the book tour and feel free to order "The Games Do Count" — signed, or not — at


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