Guests and Topics: Feb. 17

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Thursday, Feb. 17:

President Bush's social security plan is getting a boost from one prominent American senior... Art Linkletter will be here to tell us why he's backing Bush.

Plus, we'll have an update on the Marine who's been charged with murder...

Then, Congressmen Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and Dan Burton (R-Indiana) join us to talk about the Iraqi elections and the latest flurry of name calling and insensitive remarks to marring the American political landscape.

Also, is there another Professor Churchill (search) type controversy brewing at the University of Pennsylvania? We'll talk with U. of Pennsylvania professor Francisco Gil-White

And later, why were kids in a seventh grade class in Elizabeth (search) City, North Carolina given the unusual assignment of writing a letter to President Bush asking him to bring home the troops from Iraq? Was it an appropriate assignment? We'll talk to the father of one of the students, Don Moss, when he joins us this evening.

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