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Dear Viewers,

Monday night's show — unlike most night's shows — had three pre-taped segments: two on the former Congressman Gary Condit vs. Dominick Dunne (search) lawsuit and one from an interview about a year ago with former Major League Baseball player, now author, Jose Canseco (search).

In case you missed it, I've streamed the Canseco interview on today's blog. Click on the link in the video box above to watch it.

We taped the Condit/Dunne segments on Friday (the only day the guests available) and I am very lucky we did because I lost my voice over the weekend and it was very weak last night. I appreciated having three segments where I could sit quietly on the set and not speak — yes, I know... some of you are thinking you would like the entire show when I can't speak. Our show is almost always entirely live and I just got lucky last night to have had taped segments. By the way, compared to some people in our bureau, I got off easy. Many have been very sick with the flu. I just had a sore throat and lost my voice. There were many times during last night's show that I had to suppress a cough — never fun but I am sure you have had to do it. Today I feel a million times better.

We are taking the show "on the road" this week to Los Angeles. We will do the show out of our L.A. bureau on Thursday and Friday. We are taping a piece on Saturday in San Francisco and, in order for me to get there on time, I need to be on the West Coast Friday night. It is easier for us to do the show out of our L.A. bureau than the San Francisco bureau (it is very small), so the plan is to do the show Friday from the L.A. bureau, hop a very late night flight to San Francisco, do the interview on Saturday and then hop the red eye back to D.C. on Saturday night — arriving at 6 a.m. Sunday back home. To the curious, I will tell you next week, after the interview, what we did on Saturday.

Now for some e-mails from you:

E-mail No. 1 — Jay Leno is on the Michael Jackson witness list. This next e-mail relates to this defense witness list:

Check out Jay's interview of Geraldo last week ... Jay said he thinks Jackson is guilty! He used the "walk like a duck, talk like a duck" analogy. He stated that he thought this was "rich people getting away with it"!
Check it out.
Phil Davis
Davidsonville, MD

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
If Jay Leno is put on the Michael Jackson witness list and the trial judge orders a gag order, wouldn't that prevent Leno from using "Jackson jokes" in his nightly monologues?
Thank you,
Barry Kadish
Costa Mesa, CA

ANSWER: I don't know if it would prevent all jokes about Jackson, but it would probably curtail jokes about Jackson's legal problems.

E-mail No. 3 — Former Congressman Gary Condit is suing writer Dominick Dunne for comments Dunne made that Condit claims were libelous. A jury will decide this at some point.

Gary Condit is delusional if he thought he ever had a chance of reelection. I never heard anything Dominick Dunne said. I would have never voted for him after the Connie Chung show. Gary Condit needs to accept responsibility for his own actions. He only has himself to blame.

E-mail No. 4

I thought Gary Condit's lawyer was kind of rude to you in a way to avoid answering certain questions. Gary Condit jeopardized the Chandra Levy case by not answering and coming forward with information about his involvement with Chandra Levy — whether he is guilty of something or not he is definitely guilty of hindering and not being forward about his relationship with Levy. I really feel for Mr. and Mrs. Levy — I hope they get some closure to this case. I think it is great you bring up unsolved and cold cases. You should put more of these cold cases in your show. It would be an interesting subject. I love the show!
Jeff Thompson

ANSWER: I don't think his lawyer was trying to be rude to me — just forceful in his opinion and aggressive in the representation of his client.

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
Am I wrong, or did you begin your show with a brown plaid jacket and turtleneck and then change to a pink sweater and blue jacket?
I'm very observant : )
Take care,
Oh, good show, as always!

ANSWER: Erin, it was not a "wardrobe malfunction." I taped part of the show on Friday when I was wearing other clothes.

E-mail No. 6

I could be wrong here, but didn't Liz Taylor pass away a few weeks back?
You should double check.
Keep up the good work.

ANSWER: She did not die.

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