Hating America

Tuesday night in Boulder, Colorado, radical Professor Ward Churchill (search) held court in front of more than 1,000 people, many of whom support him. Churchill once again stated that America is responsible for killing innocent people all over the world and that's why 9/11 happened:


WARD CHURCHILL, PROFESSOR: What I said was when you treat people this way, when you kill their babies as a matter of course and say it has no consequence, when you devalue, demean, and degrade others to this point, naturally and inevitably what you're putting out will blow back on you. And that's what happened.


Churchill would not back away from his statement that some Americans murdered on 9/11 were Nazis (search), but he did rationalize:


CHURCHILL: No, I did not call a bunch of food service workers, janitors, children, firefighters and random passers-bys little Eichmanns. I was not talking about these people. I was talking about some very specific technical cadre who make this particular system home. And I'm going to come back to that in a second. But the people at issue, and these are the only people who have been raised...


The only people, huh? So in the world, according to Churchill, if you sell bonds, insurance, or anything else that furthers capitalism, you're a Nazi.

For this kind of reasoning, the University of Colorado (search) is paying the guy almost $100,000. Now some say Churchill should be charged with treason or sedition. We'll examine that in a few moments. But clearly, the man has some constitutional protections. Where he is vulnerable is in the competency area.

As we mentioned last night, he wrote a book saying that Israel is perpetuating a Holocaust against the Palestinians, and that Hitler's government did not have an institutional plan to exterminate European Jews. Both those statements are false, provable, just like two plus two equals five is false.

If a math teacher put forth that equation, the math teacher would be fired. If an ethnic studies teacher denies the Third Reich had a policy of Jewish mass murder, that teacher has to go.

So say goodbye to Churchill. I predict he'll be fired for incompetence by early March. Now I could be wrong. And even if I'm right, the ACLU will sue on his behalf. That'll be a fascinating case.

But in the end, there are consequences for controversial speech. Every day of my life, someone attacks me because I'm outspoken. There's little I can do but absorb the slander, libel and defamation that comes my way.

And so it will be with Churchill. He will pay a big price for his hatred of America and his cruelty to the 9/11 families. But the price should be fair and reasonable.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Many of you watching overseas have jeered us for not sending you "Factor" gear, books and other stuff available on www.billoreilly.com. Well, we heard you, and now international shipping is available at www.billoreilly.com. Wherever you are, you can now proudly where "Factor" gear and read my books.

Even if you're in Oman, we will get the gear to you. In Belize, you can get a "Spin Stops Here" mat to put on that iguana. And in Madagascar, we will be happy to send you a mug.

As always, my cut from "Factor" gear goes to charity. Just kidding about the countries. Don't give me any jazz, all right? And we hope this settles that international controversy, which I hear Condoleezza Rice is about to get involved with. Wait a minute. That might have been ridiculous.

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