Kerry: My Wife Got a Bad Rap

Teresa Heinz Kerry (search) got a bad rap during the presidential campaign, her husband said Monday.

Democratic Sen. John Kerry (search), who lost his bid for the White House last November, told New York City radio host Don Imus that incidents on the campaign trail were blown out of proportion.

"I was really upset about that on a personal level," the Massachusetts senator said during the interview, aired on WFAN-AM radio and also broadcast on MSNBC.

Reports had circulated during the campaign that Heinz Kerry — who is known for speaking her mind — could be a bit disruptive.

"We all know there were a couple statements here and there that got blown up, but the fact is she campaigned her heart out," said Kerry.

He said a recent article on the matter was gossip. "I'm not going to worry about it. You know, that article is like having a colonoscopy and you move on."

In other comments, Kerry said the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were the "predominant overriding element" in his election loss.

"I think that in the end, an awful lot of people were unwilling to switch commander in chief in midstream," he said, adding that his support was going up in the week before the Nov. 2 vote, but flatlined after a new tape of Usama bin Laden (search) was released.