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Dear Viewers,

First, you blog loyalists should know that the reason the blog was so late Thursday was the jinxed video we posted with it. The blog finally got up about 7 p.m. ET, but that was after every nightmare you can imagine — including a very late delay of the delivery to the New York bureau of the overnight's DVD with the video on it. I spent at least 20 hours trying to get the video from my computer to the disk ... and when I was finally successful (with the help of many others), we over-nighted it to New York to get posted and the overnight service somehow failed us. The video was very poorly shot — I shot it and did the best I could — but after spending all that time on the video, I was determined to get it posted.

Friday, we are headed to Savannah, Georgia to do a "walk-around" at the marina where Cindy Lynch (search) was last seen. We want to see it with our own eyes and shoot video so you can, too. Don't worry, I am not the one shooting it — our professional crew is doing it so we won't have the nightmare as noted in the prior paragraph. You learn so much more from actually going to the site and hence the reason for doing so. We are also expecting to do a number of interviews at the marina.

Our intention is to show the video on tonight's show, which we will host from our Atlanta bureau. We can't make it back to D.C. in time for the show so we are flying from Savannah to Atlanta for the night. (And cut me some slack Friday night if I slur my words on the air ... I went to bed well after midnight and was up at 5 a.m. to catch the early flight to Savannah.)

Saturday, we have an early flight from Atlanta back to D.C. "On the Record" has a 9 p.m. ET special on Saturday that I hope you watch.

The other night we did a segment on the baby who was born with a very sick heart. He underwent surgery for removal of a tumor, but the tumor was not completely removed. The only hope for the child was a heart transplant. Last night we got to break the great news — he got his heart! Of course there must be great sadness in the family who donated the tiny baby heart, but I am sure they are happy that they could save Jordan's life. Here is a Web site where you can read more: www.jordanzane.com/update

My good friend and colleague Brian Wilson e-mailed me two pics from the Inauguration Day Parade. He covered the parade for FOX and thus the pics. Click on the images in the photo box above to see the pics.

And now for some e-mails from you. We continue to get e-mails from viewers about the segment we did the other night with Cindy Margolis (search) and infertility:

E-mail No. 1

I have to respond to the 5 e-mails you posted in response to your show on infertility ... I wish I had seen the show, but the e-mails you posted infuriate me.
I am infertile. I have NOT had 8 sexual partners (one), I did NOT wait until I was 40 to start my family (26), I am NOT self-centered, narcissistic, or any of the other offensive words thrown around. I admire people who adopt and am glad that was a great choice for them. I simply made other choices to have a family.
I have a beautiful son through the miracle of IVF. He is a miracle in so many ways, and I am lucky to live in a time where medical science was able to help me have my son. I paid for all treatments myself ... no insurance help whatsoever.
BUT, I do think insurance should cover fertility treatments, with a limit per year. Why should you have to pay higher rates to cover my choice to treat my medical condition? Because I pay to have your cover your cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, replace eyeglasses, see your doctor for your kids' colds. I have a medical condition, a disease. Period. Forget your uneducated, misinformation regarding fertility and accept that. Infertility happens to all people, of all ages, in good health, with ONE monogamous partner who tried to have children in her twenties.
I wish I had seen your show. I hope you shared good, accurate information because I have found that the world is misinformed and uneducated on this issue as your e-mails show. I hope you post my e-mail.

E-mail No. 2

If insurance is required to pay for infertility treatments, the next step is Medicare and Medicaid will also be required to do so. You can imagine where this will lead.
Annelle Oehlerking
Reno, NV

E-mail No. 3

I didn't see your show last night, but I usually stop by your blog everyday to see what is happening. ADOPTION! We fooled around with infertility treatments for about a year. By the way, our insurance company covered 4 artificial inseminations. When I was choosing our insurance coverage (I am a self empolyed group of one) I specifically wanted one that covered infertility. We don't need it anymore and have changed insurance companies and pay a lot less on our monthly premium. Anyway, we did not go as far as IVF because we feel it is unethical. We had two miscarriages and a lot of heartache. We started the paperwork on our adoption in July 2004. We now have a 12-week-old son who is the absolute joy of our lives. He came to us through domestic newborn adoption. I don't care that our little boy does not share our genetic make up, I don't care that our little boy did not come out of my womb. The moment we saw him when he was 4 days old, it was instant love. Incredible bonds can be had between people who are not biologically related. Adoption is a wonderful option. There are so many kids out there who need good homes. We spent way less on the adoption then one round of IVF costs.
Just my two cents.
Cricket of Colorado

E-mail No. 4

Okay, I think insurance for this should be suspended and also I hate the fact that insurance pays for viagra. That is not something that's detrimental to health, that's a party drug. It makes me so mad to think that men, who think constantly about sex anyway, should be given something like a pill that gives them more zip and my insurance dollars will pay for their pleasure. Hah! Take this drug off the insurance dole and lets find out just how resourceful these old geezers can be when sex is involved. They will certainly surprise us all.
Karen Southard

E-mail No. 5

I agree completely with Denise Fein who e-mailed you regarding your show on infertility treatments. Like Denise, I adopted a beautiful baby girl 38 years ago. She has given me 3 wonderful grandchildren who have no idea their grandmother and daughter share a heart filled with love, but not DNA. I did not feel a need to clone myself to become a mother. I could not be more loved if I had birthed her myself.
Rose Combs
Colorado Springs, CO

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