Topics and Guests for January 21

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Is the nation's chief media watchdog stepping down? We'll set the record straight with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael K. Powell (search).

Could investor pessimism actually mean good times to come for Wall Street? We'll take the market's temperature with Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum and Associates; Ted Parrish, co-manager of Henssler Equity Fund; Neil Hennessy, president of Hennessy Funds; Tobin Smith, president and founder of ChangeWave Research, and Louie Navellier, CEO and president of Navellier and Associates.

We'll talk earnings and expectations with George David, chairman and CEO of United Technologies.

And, what's the one thing the Germans, Mexicans and even the French want from America? Barbara Corcoran, chairwoman and founder of the Corcoran Group, explains.

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