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Well, Condoleezza Rice (search) couldn't get through a second day of confirmation hearings without another harangue from Sen. Barbara Boxer (search) of California. The Senate Foreign Relations committee voted 16-2 to confirm, though the only "no's" came from Sens. Boxer and Kerry. Day two of Boxerpalooza prompted some pointed e-mails from you all:

E-mail No. 1:

"Linda: Many of [us] Californians consider Barbara Boxer "The Wicked Witch of the West". In her attitude toward Dr. Rice in the confirmation hearings, she just reinforced the title."
— Lee Chandler, Yucaipa, CA

E-mail No. 2:

"I don't think I have ever seen an opposing side be so whiny. Yes I am a Democrat, yes I voted for Bush.. but by God, get over it..."
— Marsha, Texas

E-mail No. 3:

"The Bush administration wishes we would all bury our heads in the sand and not see what is really happening with our country. I felts Senator Boxer did a fantastic job. Her job is to investigate an appointee and confront them..."
— Kevin McNab, Wauconda, IL

On the weight loss interview (Richard Simmons is truly mad!), there's something to be said for shedding pounds the slow and steady way:

E-mail No. 4:

"My friend has had the [bariatric] surgery for weight loss. She weighed 645 lbs. before the surgery and now she weighs 140 lbs.. She has lots of hanging skin. Her stomach is only 3 ounces and now they are going to enlarge her tummy to 20 ounces because [it's] too small. She has to have blood transfusions monthly due to the surgery. For anyone thinking of doing this please be very careful..."
— Shawn A., Eureka, CA

As for Thursday's DaySide, well, there won't be one! Instead, my pal Shepard Smith will be anchoring inauguration coverage from DC. Then on Friday, we're back to normal. Here are a few things we're researching:

Two members of the Ayn Rand Institute (search) have written an op-ed piece about Iraq, saying, "Fighting a compassionate war is immoral; it is costing the lives of American soldiers in Iraq and emboldening our enemies throughout the Islamic world." Elan Journo (search) and Yaron Brook (search) add, "...When in the nation's defense a President sends troops to war, morally he must resolve to soundly defeat the enemy while safeguarding our fources and citizens. But America's attention has been diverted to rebuilding Iraqi hospitals, schools, roads and sewers..."

They go on in greater detail, but that's their general theme — that we need to stop doing compassionate acts and pummel the enemy ‘til it's totally defeated. What do you think?
Yaron Brook will be on “DaySide” on Friday, and I'd like to share with him your questions/comments. E-mail them to me at:

Some other items we're folllowing are a bid to make New York City the 51st state of the United States of America, and the positively ridiculous conspicuous spending of the Trump wedding. Give me a break. Not to mention that Trump is scoring all sorts of freebies for his wedding (including that monster engagement ring) from various stores and companies! Star Jones (search) Reynolds is STILL doing the same thing, even though her over-the-top nuptials are long over. Blech.
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