Mistaken Identity

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Dear Viewers,

Tuesday night's show seems a million years ago this morning. We have been immersed in so much tragedy that you begin to wonder if there is any good in the world — or humor — and, of course this is.

So, on the lighter side today, check out the picture I've included in the blog in the photo box above.

Here is the story behind the picture: I was sitting in my office with the TV monitor on mute, because I was talking to my senior producer in New York, when she said, "Look at the screen" and laughed. I looked up and saw what you see in this picture. My first thought is, yes, we make mistakes, but never this bad! I was horrified since — at the moment — it seemed like a big stupid mistake. I grabbed quickly for the remote and hit mute so that I could hear audio.

It turned out that this was NOT a mistake. This man has my first name for his last name. I am not moonlighting in violation of my contract with FOX. I rarely run into someone with my somewhat unusual first name (I met one person on the Kerry campaign and a St. Bernard dog and a cocker spaniel) and never with my first name as a last name ... so naturally I thought it was a mistake.

Viewers consistently ask me for updates on the topics we have covered. Because we have to turn to more pressing news, like the tsunami, we often don't get the chance. But, in response to your demand, I am attempting to comply and will use this blog to facilitate.

Here is a short update:

Remember Chai Soua Vang? (search) He is the man accused in the November 21 hunting shootings in Wisconsin in which six died. Viewers have written me asking what is going on in his case. A trial date has now been set for him — it will be September 12. Currently he is in jail — his bail is $2.5 million. Wisconsin does not have the death penalty and thus he faces a sentence of life if convicted.

Now for e-mails. And yes, I have answered a few of them. I had "fun" with e-mail No. 1, since I think the tone was to "whack" me. But, perhaps I am wrong since one can often misread the tone of the e-mail.

E-mail No. 1

I didn't realize that he was still Governor Bush on your latest poll (4 Jan 05) — "It was enough to send Secretary Powell and Governor Bush."
Vicki Luckie
Applications Specialist

ANSWER: Vicki, I detect sarcasm in your e-mail. You quote an answer from the poll question I drafted the other day and now you suggest I made a mistake. Yes, I make mistakes and I am capable of more in the future. But, this time YOU lose. "Governor" IS correct. President Bush sent both Secretary Powell AND his brother Florida GOVERNOR JEB BUSH.

E-mail No. 2

I feel bad for the people but are they just going to hate us after we help them as a lot of these countries do? Maybe we should only send help to those that believe in us and think that USA is good.

E-mail No. 3

Dear Greta,
If what I'm about to say offends, I'm sorry but it must be said. Do you PAY people to despise you? Charity begins at home … and sometimes should stay there. How much is enough? The U.S. has given TRILLIONS to re-build the world since WWII — including the Canadian rail system in the 50s — and what have we got to show for our big heart/wallet? Just look at the U.N., France, Germany — even our own politicians! I say tighten the foreign aid and lets build power plants, hydrogen cars, prisons, better roads and tell the U.N. to move to Somalia. If the world wants to call me an ugly American, fine. At least I won't go broke paying them to hate me.
A loyal FOX fan,
Mike Rosati

ANSWER: As an aside, and tongue in cheek, I don't have to pay people to despise me. They will do it at no charge.

E-mail No. 4

The president has been urging people to contribute to tsunami relief. I am wondering, perhaps I just missed hearing about it, if President Bush or the Bush family has made a contribution.

E-mail No. 5

Dearest Greta,
In my swim group today we were discussing Amber Frey. She is appearing on "Dateline" and "Oprah." How much money does she make on these interviews? I volunteered to write Greta for the info and will report back on Thursday to the group.
Tana Balistreri

ANSWER: Tell your swim group that no media outlet pays her for these interviews. What Amber gets from these interviews is publicity to sell her new book.

E-mail No. 6

The reports from Greg Palkot, Adam Housley, and Jennifer Griffin have been AWESOME! When all of this is over, I hope FOX will have them together for a special.
Edith Greer
Roanoke, VA

ANSWER: I agree! Their work is extraordinary. Plus, they are sleep deprived ... working around the clock and still do awesome work!


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