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Dec. 28:

The news begins anew with "Studio B"...

Killer Waves

The death toll continues to rise in southern Asia in the aftermath of deadly tsunamis that hit coastlines in nine countries. In just one day the estimated number of dead has jumped by 20,000 and is still expected to climb.

What's being done to aid the region?

Could a tsunami of such epic proportions hit the United States?

We'll have answers to all these questions and more including a live report from the region...

U.S. Aid to South Asia

Is the U.S. being "stingy" in its efforts to send relief to the devastated nations of south Asia? Secretary of State Colin Powell bristled today at a United Nations official's suggestion the United States has been "stingy," saying the administration expects to follow its initial $15 million Asian earthquake aid package with billions more dollars.

Why would a U.N. official make such an accusation against the U.S.? We'll have the latest.

Model Survivor

Supermodel Petra Nemcova (search) who has appeared in "Sports Illustrated" magazine's swimsuit edition and has also modeled for Victoria's Secret (search) survived the devastating tsunami while on vacation in Thailand, in part by clinging for eight hours to a palm tree. Her boyfriend, a photographer, is still missing. We'll have her amazing story of survival...

Lisa Montgomery in Court

Lisa Montgomery (search), who has been charged with murdering a pregnant woman and cutting her 8-month-old fetus from her womb, is scheduled to make her first appearance in a Missouri federal court today. We'll have an update.

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