Hindsight Is 20/20

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Dear Viewers,

Since I promised 'behind the scenes' info: Wednesday night I was asked to sit on our set an hour earlier than our launch time of 10 p.m. ET. The reason? My colleagues Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes were "on the road" with their show in Cupertino (search), California and I was needed in case of a satellite problem. Had the satellite "crashed" during the 9 p.m. hour, I would have immediately gone on the air with our show and done an hour plus show. We asked some of our guests to show up early and be ready and they were. If you watched "Hannity & Colmes," you know there were no SATELLITE problems and we did not have to start our show early. But here's is what you don't know:

Because I sat under the hot lights for an hour, my on-air make up needed to be patched up before our show started at ten. At about 9:56 p.m., the make up artist came into the studio to "fix" what needed to be fixed. At about 9:57, she poked me in the right eye with a make up sponge and put make up all over my right contact lens (search). The make up on my lens completely blurred the vision in my right eye. I looked up and, seeing the time with my "good eye," I ripped off my earpiece, my microphone and bolted from the set for my office to get a replacement lens — I wear disposable lens.

As I bolted from the studio, I yelled, "Get me something to clean my hands ... and quick!" Fortunately, I had left my office door open and unlocked. I had no extra time. I got back to the set in a huge rush and it was now 9:58 plus. I had to check the time since I did not want to try and replace my lens as the show began. My make up artist handed me the "baby wipes" and I cleaned my hands, opened the new lens, popped out the old and replaced with the new (without a mirror, too.) For a few blinks, I was immensely relieved ... I can't tell you how relieved I was because now it was 9:59 plus (and I am not exaggerating about the times.) But, as I blinked to "appreciate" my news lens, my eye started to sting like crazy. The baby wipes she handed me to clean my hands had some cleaning fluid and perfume that made my eyes sting like crazy. I then said, "Quick, get me some saline solution! Find some ... some place."

I heard Alan and Sean say goodbye and suddenly we were on the air — with a stinging eye. As the first segment progressed, the stinging vanished and by the first break, all was well.

A viewer sent me this link — needless to say, we were flattered that our blog is being read.

Finally, here are some e-mails from viewers — randomly selected:

E-mail No. 1

I watch Hannity every night and listen to your preview of your show. I'm sick of you and your show about Peterson. What every happened to the real news? If you have nothing else to do is talk about, just the Peterson case maybe you better quit. I use to respect you, now your show makes me sick.
Jerry Miller
Mentor, OH

ANSWER/QUESTION: Do you think Jerry Miller likes me? Just kidding...

E-mail No. 2

Greta, We have listened for months from the panel about Scott's guilt. I am really curious as to why there has never been a panel discussing the possibility that he is innocent. After all, Fox News is Fair & Balanced, isn't?
Lee Willis
Sutherlin, OR

ANSWER: Many viewers have written me stating their opinions that Peterson is innocent (many more have written me saying he is guilty.) But frankly, we are beyond the guilty/not guilty point since the jury has spoken (said guilty) and the jury, unlike the rest of us, has actually heard all the evidence. The rest of us have only heard part of it. Yes, it is possible that a given jury can be wrong ... and juries have been wrong (we know from those exonerated by DNA) ... but at this point we accept the jury's verdict since they heard all the evidence. There will be a review in the court of appeals to see if the trial was fair. And again, yes, an appellate court can also be wrong. Our system is not perfect, but it remains the best in the world. If you have an idea how to improve it, send me your suggestion since we all want to make the system better and better. If we could achieve "perfect," that would be ideal.

E-mail No. 3

I would like to share my story. I am now 47 years old and am disabled. I had a stroke when I was 42 that left me with use of my right side only. I had to retire from my job of 25 years and retire from my hobby of bicycling. I rode Seattle to Portland five times before my stroke. I am and was a member of the VBC or Vancouver Bike Club. I was their VP for three years and the Ride Around Clark County Ride Coordinator or RACC for three years as well. Recently the club got me back in the game by giving me a recumbent trike. I can ride again. I can live again. This is the best group of people you could meet and do so much for getting people of all levels into cycling. Isn't this marvelous?! What a statement for our community, our biking community, thought people should know and the club should get some kudos for this great thing they've done.
Determined Kathy
Vancouver, WA

ANSWER: Kathy, I hope you see this e-mail. Many people view this blog, so many people will see what a great club you belong to. Good luck!

E-mail No. 4

Dear Ms. Van Susteren:
This might sound far fetched, but I seriously feel that this is the way Scott Peerson disposed of poor Laci and Connor.
Is he guilty of murder? He sure is! He is guilty of premeditated murder! He thought about it for a long time. If investigators keep searching the bottom of the bay, I truly feel they will find the evidence they may need if Peterson gets a re-trial on appeal.
I feel what Peterson did falls into the "classic cement boots" method, but he took it one step further. He took a bike helmet (or something similar), made a form, and pored cement around it. He took some gloves similar to boxing gloves, tore out the filling and poured in concrete. He did the same with a pair of boots. Each piece would be approximately 12 pounds and be easy to handle. After he suffocated or strangled her, he put her body in the boat, which already had the "anchors" in it. The total weight of the anchors would be about 60 pounds, which would bring her body right to the bottom of the bay. When her body started to decompose, her torso would separate from the limbs and head.
Normally a headless and limbless body would be very had to identify, if at all. However, Peterson made a few mistakes: he put himself at the scene of the crime and was having an affair with Amber Frey. Unfortunately, I can see it happening that Ms. Frey is going to benefit from the deaths of Laci and Connor by writing a book. That would be a total disgrace and make her as bad as Scott.
James P. Zetes
Niagara Falls, NY

E-mail No. 5

It seems I am one of none ... or do you not mention those of us that believe that this Scott did not do the crime? I am against the death penalty ... I do not think two wrongs make a right! I do feel for both mothers tonight ... I have two sons and two daughters. For me, there were just too many unanswered, lingering, doubts! I hope his life is spared and more knowledge will be revealed in time, including those others that think he is not guilty!
Thank you,
MOM from Colorado

E-mail No. 6

Ms. Van Susteren,
No the jurors don't have to lynch Scott Peterson. FOX News did that for
them. They can lynch him with a clear conscience now.
Cleveland Gamage
Sacramento, CA

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta...
Scott killed his wife and baby. She was found washed up … without any limbs or a head ... what a horrible way to go! And speaking of horrible ... what a horrible justice system at times. Wasting everybody's time with: Scott and his life of good deeds and good times. Oh yeah ... then he kills his wife and baby a few years later!
He had everybody fooled !
Get the #@#$% outta here. What a waster of tax-payer $$$. What a waste this part of a trial is for a selfish, cold-calculating, thoughtless, mean, killer.
Brooklyn, NY

E-mail No. 8

Claudia Cowen just answered my question! So Judge Delucchi can make a different judgment than what the jurors decide? That must bug the jurors after all these months of work! But I hope Scott doesn't get death. He is not a hardened criminal. Is the Feb. 25 date for the judge to make his decision so that Geragos has time to appeal?

E-mail No. 9

I have started watching your show on FOX. I enjoy it very much! However, I have been hearing the witness' sing the praises of Saint Scott. The unhappiness it will cause if he is sentenced to death. Well hello! Laci and Connor are the victims of this heinous crime. He deserves the death penalty! As a general rule I don't support the death penalty, but Scott Peterson made his bed (no one else) and he should be made to lie in it ... also if Amber wishes to put a book out it is no one's concern except hers. If people don't like it the solution is simple don't buy it.
John R Thomas
Sydney, Australia


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