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Dear Viewers,

First, a programming note: Thursday night we had Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (search), D-N.Y., on our show. On Tuesday night we had Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (search), R-Texas. And Friday we will have Mrs. Cheney. For me, it is fun to be able to present to you influential women from both parties so that you can agree or disagree. The goal is obviously not to grill these women, but rather to let you hear them speak so you can debate in your homes the many issues raised. As with every guest, the off-camera conversation is less formal and my goal is to try and bring you that conversation. That is always the challenge of TV interviews.

Here is the discussion going on today among us at "On the Record": Do we all jump back on a plane and head back to Redwood City, Sunday or not? The opening statements — one calling for death and one life — are supposed to begin Monday in the Peterson case, but will they? Will the motion Mark Geragos just filed Wednesday stall the sentencing phase? I have no idea. It is neither cheap, nor easy to move an entire show across country... stay tuned. And, what's your guess? And should we go back to Redwood City?

Here are some rough notes from Little Rock: Walking back and forth the 10 blocks to our live site in front of the Clinton library, I saw former Attorney General Janet Reno and former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger. It is sort of odd just to spot them walking down the street among the crowd. I have only seen them on TV, or in some government, or work-related function environment, so this seemed odd to me. After high profile jobs, these high profile people return to "regular" jobs and lives. Gone are the black government Towncars and the huge entourage. I suspect that many of these people are happy to return to their "regular" lives. Living in the Washington, D.C. "fishbowl" can get "old" for many — whether Republican or Democrat.

US Air is mad at me — but at least I know they read the blog! I was frustrated yesterday when there was a question about whether I would get a seat, or not into Little Rock on my ticketed US Air flight. I got an e-mail from a senior executive from US Air yesterday protesting the blog. Part of their frustration is that with so many passengers overbooking and canceling, so must they. I can see that view. But sooner or later we are going to have to do something about the airline industry — many are in bankruptcy, pilots and flight attendants are having to take pay cuts and the service is declining. Any suggestions?

I promise to post behind the scenes pictures from Little Rock tomorrow. I have no means to do it until I get back to D.C.


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