The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"The Polar Express," "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason," (search) "After the Sunset" and "Seed of Chucky" (search) hit theaters in today's Foxlight.

How bad are the reviews for "The Polar Express?" (search) How does "high-tech arctic waste" sound? That's the Wall Street Journal, who says for grown-ups, the film acts as a "life extension program," managing to make 97 minutes feel like three hours. Others like the New York Post give it three and a half stars and call it magical. I think everyone looks kinda creepy. And did they run out of money so Tom Hanks had to play all the voices?

Next, Bridget Jones is back and according to USA Today, "romance doesn't exactly become Britain's most famous fictional singleton." They say even though Renee is great and Hugh and Colin are back in fine form, "several of the movie's farcical moments feel forced and strained."

All in good caper-heist-comedy fun is "After the Sunset." (search) Salma Hayek provides some Latin flair to an otherwise predictable outing, according to most critics. Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan says he may do yet another Thomas Crown movie. Between those and this thing, he has his career on autopilot.

Finally, there's another Chucky movie. If I want creepy-looking doll expressions I'll stick with "Polar Express."