Rounding Up Sex Offenders on Halloween

A county in Michigan has ordered a group of 40 sex offenders out on probation in that area to report to the county corrections department during trick-or-treating hours on Halloween (search) this Sunday.

The four circuit court judges in Washtenaw County (search), approved the move, even though there's never been a report there of a child being assaulted on Halloween.

A corrections official says they're simply being cautious because it's a prime night when kids are vulnerable. What do you think of this? My address is

On another matter (you didn't think I could get through a blog (search) without talking politics, did you?), I've heard yet another new theory of what MIGHT happen with the election: A Bush-Edwards White House!!! That's not a typo. Tune in tomorrow and I'll explain how it would work out that way.

Also, please note this correction from Friday's show. The website for the documentary, "Voices of Iraq" is:

The documentary gives the perspective of the Iraqi people in their own words-- an opportunity to hear their side of issues concerning war, terror, and outlook for political reform.


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