Paris Hilton Linked to Wimbledon Finalist

Wimbledon (search) finalist Mark Philippoussis (search) has been branded a cad by tabloids and callers to talk radio after he was romantically linked with Paris Hilton (search).

Since recent reports of Hilton, star of TV's "The Simple Life," telling two Australians she was "head over heels in love" with Philippoussis, there has been speculation about the Aussie tennis star and pop singer Delta Goodrem's 10-month romance.

A Sydney Morning Herald headline "Is Scud a cad?" reflected the general sentiment in the Australian media. TV and radio focused on his string of failed romances.

Philippoussis, nicknamed Scud for his powerful serve, has refused to comment.

Gina Hoffman, a spokeswoman for Hilton, told The Associated Press in New York Monday: "They are good friends who met through mutual friends."

Sydney's Daily Telegraph cited sources saying Philippoussis had ended the relationship with Goodrem earlier this month, a few days before he met Hilton at a party in Los Angeles.

Goodrem refused to comment. The 19-year-old met Philippoussis after he sent her a card while she was recovering from cancer last year.

She was in London this week to launch her new single, "Out of the Blue," a song inspired by her love for Philippoussis.