Friend to Testify About Simpson's Finances

A friend of O.J. Simpson (search) has been ordered to appear in court regarding the finances of the former football star, who was acquitted of double murder but slapped with a $33.5 million settlement that remains unpaid to the victims' families.

Alfred Beardsley must appear Nov. 23 in Los Angeles Superior Court in Santa Monica. The order, issued Tuesday, was at the request of Fred Goldman (search), whose son Ron Goldman was brutally stabbed to death along with Nicole Brown Simpson.

Fred Goldman's attorney wrote in a declaration filed with the court that Beardsley "has knowledge" of Simpson's "financial condition" and of his "non-exempt property, which may be ordered to be applied to the satisfaction of the judgment."

The attorney also wrote that Beardsley, who works in the entertainment and real estate industries, may have control over some of Simpson's property.

Simpson was acquitted in 1996 of the murders. After his acquittal, the victims' families sued Simpson in civil court. That jury, using a lesser standard of proof than required at a criminal trial, found him liable for the murders and ordered him to pay $33.5 million.

Because Simpson lives in Florida, his pension cannot be touched. He said he feels no obligation to pay because he did not commit the murders.