Is Anyone Really Undecided?

Two weeks before Election Day (search), President George W. Bush leads Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry in the race for the White House, according to a FOX News poll released Tuesday. In the days following the final presidential debate, Bush has not only continued to solidify his position with independent voters, but he is also holding his ground with women voters — a traditional Democratic voting group that Kerry needs in his column.

Today Bush has a five-point lead, receiving 48 percent to Kerry's 43 percent among likely voters. When independent candidate Ralph Nader is included he receives 2 percent, Bush 49 percent and Kerry 42 percent. Two weeks ago Bush had a two-point lead over Kerry in the three-way race, and a three-point lead in the head-to-head matchup.

Less than Two Weeks to Go: Is Anyone Really Undecided?

A sample of your responses:

No! If undecided voters exist it's due to undeserved, unwarranted attention by the major news media and two major political parties; this late in a presidential election campaign we want these people deciding who our next president will be?
Fred S.
Lancaster, OH

I am a 33 year old professional female who is undecided. I am a registered Democrat and believe in the majority of Kerry's platform, but not in Kerry. I don't believe in Bush's platform, but trust him more than Kerry. I don't feel comfortable voting for Bush as a woman who believes in a woman's right to choose, amongst other things, but simply don't trust Kerry. If my vote for Nader, or another candidate, would count that is where it would go. Anyway, we have seen last year that our votes do NOT in fact count. It is all about the electoral college.
Elizabeth C.

If you’re undecided at this point... you don’t deserve to vote
Darryl S.

Seems to me those people who claim to be "undecided" are in fact just people who don't want to "throw their vote away"! They wait until the last minute to see who is ahead in the polls and cast their vote in the direction that they figure will "win". No real convictions! They just want to go with the winner!
Dan K.
GySgt USMC Retired
Albany, GA

Someone needs to remind people that if the give up their right to vote, they also give up their right to complain.
Gloria W.
Rocky Point, NC

Baring a major event, those who are truly undecided at this point demonstrate a level of indecision that could only be classified as a mental disability. I sincerely hope they stay home, as they are not qualified to vote.
Richard K.
Tallmansville, WV

I am an undecided voter. I have gone from being for Bush up 'till just before the end of last year, to Kerry during the preliminary elections, to having no clue who I am going to vote for. I feel like the canidates are spending too much time bashing each other and saying, "I can do better then he can." I would really like to know EXACTLY what they are planing to do not that they can do a better job but how they can do a better job. How do they plan on getting our troops out of Iraq with out leaving the Iraqi people in worse shape then when we got there. How are they planing on fixing the economy? I just am so tired of hearing the name calling and the childish behavior of both the canidates.
Kathleen R.

The pessimist in me is ready to believe that the "undecided" are decidedly indifferent.
Rob S.
Shelby Twp., MI

I think anyone who claims to be undecided may be suffering from attention deficit disorder. I don't think there are as many truly undecided voters as the experts think, but there may be a few lonely people who like being noticed!
Steven C.
Bogard, MO

Undecided about the choice: impossible
Ignorant or unconcerned about the choice: maybe
Undecided about voting at all: highly likely
Blinded by an unwarranted hatred: possible
A Bush landslide victory: PRICELESS!
Mike H.
Tampa, FL

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