Operation Don't Be Gore, Stupid

So most of you haven't even voted yet, but crew Kerry is already preparing to move into the White House.

It might be called Operation Don't Be Gore, Stupid.

The basic idea is to assume you've won and start acting like it.

First off, the Democrats are said to have 10,000 lawyers ready to pounce on Nov. 3, contesting results in swing states.

That many lawyers can get anybody into the White House.

Then there is the Kerry cabinet. They're getting all ready to name a cabinet and start governing in absentia.

For people who like to play inside baseball, the question is who's going to be secretary of state... Richard Holbrooke (search) or Sen. Joe Biden (search).

I saw Biden on this channel a week ago yelling at Brigette Quinn. Hey senator, bone up on that diplomacy... nobody yells at Brigette Quinn.

I don't know if this is connected, but I am also reading that former President Bill Clinton (search) wants to be secretary-general of the U.N.

Kerry in the White House speaking French to Jacques Chirac (search), and Clinton at the U.N. making all those people who hate us now just swoon over return of the great internationalist Bubba nation.

The Kerry people think Gore blew it by not acting like he won. It gave people the idea he not only wasn't president, he wasn't going to be president ever.

Kerry wants to give the opposite impression from early election eve. Watch for certain media organizations that favor Kerry to be falling over themselves to declare him the winner as quickly as possible.

The best thing Bush can do — the way to defeat 10,000 lawyers — is to win by a landslide or at least a wide margin.

Polls say that's not likely... it's a tie as of now.

So I guess the only thing left for Bushie to do is get 10,000 — no, 20,000 — lawyers of his own.

That's My Word.

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