Political Surprises

One of these surprises will come Monday night, when former President Clinton (search) makes his first post-op public appearance in Philadelphia.  He was supposed to stay out of the public eye (doctor's orders, I guess) till later in November, but I guess the race being what it is, he is rushing to help out John Kerry.
Why Philadelphia?  Well, you already know the state of play in Pennsylvania.  The race is extreeeeeeemely tight there. 

Until recently, the state was listed in the "Leaning Kerry" column, but now has been moved to the "Toss-up" column.  And everything I've read suggests that Democrats think they can win it if they motivate enough pro-Kerry voters in Philadelphia (search) to go to the polls; they think this might overwhelm the Republican votes from other parts of the state.  So that's why Clinton will be in Philly with Kerry on Monday night. 

Although the former President has his critics, to his supporters he's a rock star.  Which prompted the following question in the DaySide staff meeting:  Who will President Bush (search) get to be "his" rock star sidekick?  Should he have someone of similar star power campaigning for him in the other swing states?

Speaking of the other swing states, another topic we're looking at for Monday is the "OH-PA-FL" triangle. Some pundits are saying that, despite the interest in states like Minnesota and Iowa, it's these three states that will decide the election, and they're all scrambling to figure out which way these states will go.  If you have any brilliant predictions, please share them with us at dayside@foxnews.com.

Have a great weekend!


PS — The Pentagon website for Americans overseas to vote by absentee ballot is: www.fvap.gov/services/fwab.html. Both military personnel and civilians can use it.

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