The Foxlight: Kirsten, Bruce, Paris

Kirsten's new crowd, Bruce behind the bar and Paris Hilton cashes in again in today's Foxlight.

Foxlight has been worried about little Kirsten Dunst (search). Since her bust-up with a boyfriend a few months back, she's been hanging around with what Foxlight's mom would call "the wrong crowd." Like who? Name names you say? OK, how about Rick Salomon. Who? The other person in the Paris Hilton sex video. The one who sold it to everyone on the Internet. Kirsten, stay away from hotel rooms or any place there could be a two-way mirror. Oh, wait a minute, this just in from the New York Post ... Kirsten was seen making out with that old boyfriend the other night in L.A. His name by the way? "Donnie Darko" himself — Jake Gyllenhaal.

Bruce Willis (search) is back to his old job tending bar? Yep. "Die Hard" money run out? Not exactly. It was a one-time sighting in New York at a bar named "Pink Elephant."

Finally, Paris Hilton (search) is getting a bunch of bars named after her. Did they really have to pay her a seven-figure signing bonus to call it "Club Paris?"