Guests and Topics: October 18

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From his service in Vietnam to his time on Capitol Hill to his run for the White House... what really drives John Kerry? We'll bring you a revealing look at the man who would be president when presidential historian and author of "Tour of Duty" Douglas Brinkley joins us.

Plus, a batch of new political polls are out today. Some of them may promise good news for President Bush. We'll analyze what they say...

Also, both candidates have said that they will not bring back the draft. So why is this still an issue especially among Democrats?

Then, why has Senator Kerry shied away from many television interviews?

And later, more information about the Swift Boat veterans (search) and their influence in the presidential campaign.

These stories and more including a brand-new edition of the "Talking Points Memo" and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day!"  

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