The Great Debate: Who Won?

With less than three weeks until the presidential election, President Bush (search) and John Kerry (search) took their final shots in a face-to-face matchup Wednesday night that focused on domestic issues including abortion, gay marriage and the economy as well as the broader theme of national security.

The great debate: Who won?

A sample of your responses:

I was very critical of George Bush the first two debates, even though he had the substance he was poor at explaining himself. Last night though was a clear victory. He not only explained his postitions, but he explained the principles behind them. He was decisive and displayed leadership with an eye to the future.
Mary C.
Shawnee, KS

Kerry looked presidential, had an almost prefect answer to everything. I didn't believe any of it. Bush won.
B. Gore

Was amusing watching tape of Bush saying what he said he never did about Osama within 30 min after debate. Kerry spoke well had facts. Bush just kept falling back on education.
Thomas L.
Grand Rapids, MI 

Kerry might be a better pick to cast a pressident in a movie, but for real life I'll take President Bush.
He won on substance.
Dan Y.
Summit, NJ

Kerry won the debate hands down. He talked about issues, while all Bush had to offer was name calling and education.
Tee J.

The Texas team may have lost on the baseball diamond, but President Bush definitely hit a home run.
Kristy P.
LaGrange, GA

Bush won of course. Kerry has many plans for everything... but what are they?
Karen O.
Northvale, NJ

Mr. Bush won the debate, hands down. Kerry's comment about Cheney's daughter shows that he has zero compassion and zero diplomacy.
John A.
Ligonier, IN

I am a Republican and I can be honest that of the 3 debates the first one Kerry won, the second was close, and the third Bush cleaned his clock. Why can't Democrats be as honest, or is it just their way NOT to tell it like it is. Kerry looked like Bush from the first debate Tired and defensive.
Max W.
Wilmington, NC

President Bush clearly won the debate last night. Kerry was caught in so many "misstatements" I lost count.  I am not going to vote for someone I can't trust. Plus he admitted he's going to take our tax cut away. A Mondale moment if there ever was one.
Brenda W.
Weatherford, TX

Seems to me that the American Public is the big loser. Both candidates either a) got their numbers mixed up or b) INTENTIONALLY LIED!
M. Schoenberg

I don't know which debate the Democrats were watching, but in my opinion President Bush made a slam dunk.
Mark F.
Aiken, SC

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