The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Garfield," "Van Helsing," "Hellboy" and "A Cinderella Story" are new on DVD in today's Foxlight.

How bad is "Garfield"? Bill Murray did almost no press for it and audiences yawned big-time. Me-ouch. New on the smaller screen, it may find an audience, but frankly, while Murray as a wise-cracking kitty sounded like a good idea on paper, it doesn't sound that good for real. Stale jokes and a bored-sounding Murray make this kitty litter.

"Van Helsing" (search) cost a bundle and took a big chunk back at the box office, but the studio is probably banking big-time on DVD sales. They've piled on lots of "Gee, how'd they do that?" stuff. And Kate Beckinsale looks great in Gothic clothes. But even the always likeable Hugh Jackman can't make this more than just an expensive B-movie.

On the other hand, the underrated "Hellboy" (search) is loads of fun. And it's nice to see Ron Perlman working again.

Finally, there's "A Cinderella Story." (search) The title pretty much says it all. Gee, wonder how it ends?