The Day After

I will miss the post-debate shows more than anything else this election season.

I watched all three bouts alone, went to bed and my first opportunity to talk about my observations was on the air. It's amazing how different everyone's take on the event was.

The funniest moment of the debates for me was when John Kerry (search) stumbled into a comment about his wife and marrying up. You can not convince me he was aware of what he said when he stated he married up... of course all in the room knowing he married a billionaire laughed and he quickly acknowledged the statement. The low point was John Kerry's reach to re-out Mary Cheney as a lesbian. I would not be surprised if he eventually apologizes. That would be a novel idea for either side in these final days, but not likely to happen.

If you missed the show, you missed quite a few brawls — verbal brawls, but brawls. One Kerry spokesperson went on the attack at E.D. for bringing up the lesbian comment. In fact, it got so heated I was KO'd from the segment. But it was great TV!

My question is focused on Tora Bora (search) and the blaming of Bush. The president never rips back on being blamed for Usama bin Laden's escape. Every military guy will tell you the president is not supposed to trump Tommy Franks in any battle — it's called delegating authority. That fact seems to elude the president and I'm not sure why he never fires back. Thursday's Kerry spokesperson said the buck stops with the president — so I guess he gets credit for the election's last week and the terror free voting.

Fabio closed the show today and it looks the heartthrob has a niche in discount women's garments. Which is a blow to me, because I was heading into that industry after they kick me out of TV. Fabio is truly a riot and Steve tells me he smells nice!

As for my book, I have to thank all of you "Friends" fans for the support. "The Games Do Count" has been in and around the top 20 on Amazon. Thanks for the loyalty and I hope you can use some of the stories with your kids, team, coach and/or parents.

See ya, Friday!


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