Scott's Defense

Dear Viewers,

Tuesday, we are in Redwood City, California so that we can be inside the courtroom when Scott Peterson's (search) lawyer calls his first witness to the stand. Wednesday, we go to Tempe, Arizona to cover the third and final presidential debate.

We expect the defense to call witnesses — but, if I were his lawyer, I am not sure I would put on a defense unless (1) I had a very powerful defense and (2) Scott Peterson were to take the stand.

Yes, it is unfair to second guess either side and their strategy — I don't know what is in their case flies and trying cases is an art, not a science — but I also know if you put on witnesses, the jury is going to think, "Why isn't your client taking the stand with your other witnesses?" Maybe Peterson will surprise us and testify... in my opinion he did a lousy job for himself in his pre-arrest media interviews, but maybe that would not be the opinion of the jury and maybe his lawyer could prepare him better than he prepared himself for the media interviews.

I do know that his attorney was at the jail Monday — no doubt discussing strategy with Peterson since these key decisions need to be made by the accused and not by his lawyer. The lawyer advises, but the accused should make the final decision.

As for our show Monday night, when the sun went down and our lights went on, we got "attacked" by bugs. During every break we — camera, audio, guests, stage manager etc. — were swatting and scratching. It was pretty miserable. Tonight, for our outdoor show in Redwood City, we will all be covered with bug spray.... we are fast learners.

Finally, make sure you check out all the pics we posted Monday. Since it was a holiday, you may not have logged on to see them.


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