Report: McGreevey to Join Law Firm

Gov. James E. McGreevey (search) will join the law firm of a political mentor after resigning his political post next month, according to a newspaper report.

McGreevey acknowledged an extramarital affair with a man while announcing in August that he intended to resign as governor on Nov. 15. He will join state Sen. Raymond Lesniak's (search) law firm, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported in Tuesday editions, citing four top Democrats familiar with McGreevey's plans.

As a partner in the firm of Weiner Lesniak (search), McGreevey will focus on business development, client recruitment and advising clients about government, the newspaper reported.

Lesniak would not confirm the report. McGreevey was not available for comment; his spokeswoman, Kathy Ellis, told the newspaper she does not know of his plans.

McGreevey's links to the law firm, with a single office in Parsippany, date to his time as mayor of Woodbridge, where Weiner Lesniak was the town's general legal counsel.

Lesniak and Paul Weiner were key members of the fund-raising group that helped McGreevey's gubernatorial campaign. Lesniak has been a close adviser to McGreevey throughout his political career.