Colleges Recruit 'Apprentice' Star Troy

Troy McClain (search) may have been fired by Donald Trump during last year's inaugural run of the reality television show "The Apprentice," (search) but that isn't stopping several universities and colleges from recruiting him to star on their campuses.

Boise State, Columbia University (search) and Albertson College of Idaho have contacted McClain over the past six months. He's also received offers from Hollywood.

The local resident met with a Boise State University academic counselor last week to talk about registering, said his manager, Ed Moore. He hasn't made a final decision yet, but needs to register by Dec. 2 to make January classes at Boise State.

McClain became a breakout star on the first season of "The Apprentice," the NBC show in which slick MBAs vie for a chance to work for Trump.

McClain was decidedly unhip and lacked a college degree. He also was one of the most successful and popular members of the group. He lasted nearly to the end of the competition.

When Trump did fire him, it was with obvious regret. It was his lack of education that did him in, Troy admitted on his "Tonight Show" (search) appearance. Trump heard his comment and offered, on "Larry King Live," to send McClain to the college of his choice.

"This man, with an education, will be unbeatable," Trump said.

Besides the offer for college, McClain has shot two television pilots and is negotiating several other projects, Moore said.

McClain started looking hard at Boise State after President Bob Kustra contacted him personally over the summer.

Boise State is eager to have a high-profile student with such a wealth of experience to share, said Frank Zang, the university's director of marketing.

"He's already been tremendously successful in the business world," Zang said. "He would be an impressive member of the student body because of his real-life experience and business acumen."