Elton John's Photo Collection Goes on the Block

Elton John (search) is known for his music, but what about his photos? A hundred photographs from the singer's collection will go on the auction block at Christie's this week.

The collection includes photographs taken by some of the world's most famous photographers, like Ansel Adams (search), Robert Mapplethorpe (search) and a Man Ray (search) rayograph.

Christie's expects Mapplethorpe's 1987 photo "Calla Lilly" to go for as much as 50 thousand dollars. The Adams photo, 1942's "Tetons and the Snake River" to snag as much as 45 thousand dollars.

John has collected photographs since 1991. Christie's says the collection is regarded as one of the leading private ones in the world.

The auction is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday.