Bush: 'More Dangerous' World Under Kerry

President Bush is extending his criticism of Sen. John Kerry (search) on national security to the fund-raising front, telling prospective GOP donors in an e-mail pitch that a Kerry presidency "would make for a more dangerous world."

In a two-page fund-raising e-mail sent Thursday by the Bush-Cheney campaign, Bush accused Kerry of "confusing contradictions" on whether it was right for the United States to go to war in Iraq.

"This is just one example of how my opponent's weak, vacillating views would make for a more dangerous world," Bush wrote. "In these final days of the campaign, will you make one more contribution to the Republican National Committee so they can help me and the Republican team get our message to the American people?"

Kerry also sent a fund-raising e-mail Thursday with sharp words for his opponent. The Democrat asked donors to help raise $5 million for the Democratic Party before midnight Friday, the day of his second debate with Bush.

"For the last four years, George Bush has favored the wealthy and well-connected, and turned a blind eye to the devastating impact of his policies on America's families," Kerry wrote in the e-mail sent by the Kerry-Edwards campaign. "As evidence of his failures piles up all around him, George Bush refuses to budge. The only thing he has to offer is more of the same."

Both candidates are aggressively raising money for their parties, which can spend unlimited amounts supporting them in the campaign's final weeks.

Bush and Kerry each accepted roughly $75 million in full government financing for their general-election campaigns, the only money they can now use to cover their campaigning costs. Both are also raising money for special funds they can use for legal and accounting bills, including any recount expenses.